Company's recruitment policy template

This Company's recruitment policy template can also help you stay compliant with specific rules and regulations.

This company's recruitment policy template can be used and customized for your company‚Äôs specific needs and requirements. Use it to set up your company's HR Policies and Procedures. This company's recruitment policy template can also help you to stay compliant with specific rules and regulations.

Employee recruitment policy

What is the purpose of company's recruitment policy?

Employee recruitment policies are useful to make your recruiting policy transparent and understandable. Having a clear and consistent recruiting process is important part of your Employer Branding strategy. 

Recruiters, HR professionals, and even other employees, should be familiar with your recruiting policies and procedures. 

Example of company's recruitment policy template

The purpose of this company's recruitment policy is to define and describe the way our [company name] recruits new employees and fills open positions.

This policy should be used for implementing and managing effective hiring process by providing guidelines to recruiters and other HR professionals. 

This company's recruitment policy applies to all employees who are involved in recruiting, selecting and hiring processes. 

Recruitment process defined 

These are the most common steps of every recruitment process:

  • Job opening creation
  • Job description identification
  • Job opening ad creation
  • Job opening promotion to multiple job boards
  • Promotion on Social media platforms
  • Promotion on company's career site 
  • Sharing with employees and asking for referrals
  • Decide on the selection stages and possible time frame
  • Screen and review resumes in company database/ATS
  • Source passive candidates
  • Shortlist applications
  • Run background checks 
  • Select the most suitable candidate
  • Make an official offer

Internal job posting

Before posting a job opening externally, recruiters and hiring managers should always look for opportunities from within the company. It is important to communicate job openings carefully and identify key potential candidates. 

Writing and promoting  job descriptions

Every job description should include: 

  • Company's mission and vision
  • Summary of the role
  • List of duties and responsibilities
  • List of requirements and qualifications
  • Employee testimonial
  • Instructions on how to apply

Here are our free job description templates!

Selection process

When selecting a new hire, recruiters or HR Managers perform: 

  • Candidate resume screening
  • Candidate phone screening
  • Candidate testing 
  • Candidate interviewing

Interview Feedback

Every candidate should be contacted after they have applied or came for an interview. Timely feedback (same or next day) is required in order to provide a better candidate experience.

When candidates are not chosen for the next round, they should be informed about the rejection via email, letter or phone.

More templates for policies and procedures 

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