Social Media at work policy template

This template for Social Media at work policy can be used and customized for your company’s specific needs and requirements. Use it to set up your company's HR Policies and Procedures. Social Media at work policy template can also help you and your employees to stay compliant with specific rules and regulations.

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Company Social Media policy

What is the purpose of Social Media at work policy?

Social Media has become our every-day thing. Social recruiting has also become a popular recruiting strategy. Companies know that their employees spend a lot of their time, even during business hours, on Social Media. Some companies prohibit it completely, while some have more flexible policies. 

The goal of every Social Media company policy should be to protect other employees, clients and customers as well as notarization's brand and reputation. 

Example of Social Media at work policy template

With the increase in Social Media usage, it is very important for companies to develop and implement a well-structured policy and procedure for Social Media usage at work. The main purpose of this policy is to provide some information and practical advice to all employees, vendors and partners about how to avoid issues that can arise by using social media at the workplace.  

All employees are expected to act with adherence to this policy. 

What is Social Media

“Social media” includes different online communities such as social networks, blogs, forums and chat rooms. 

Using social media at work can mean 2 things: using personal social media accounts at work as well as presenting company and its reputation through various social media platforms. 

Personal social media accounts at work

As we know that social media is part of our daily lives, we do not prohibit its usage at workplace. However, this has a few rules: 

  • Always use social media responsibly
  • Always ensure that your work productivity is not affected

To help them adhere to rules, we advise our employees to: 

  • Use their common sense when using social media 
  • Evaluate your daily productivity to understand if social media is affecting your work  
  • Always avoid stating personal opinions on social media  
  • Avoid sharing and distributing any intellectual property 
  • Don't create and share any offensive or inappropriate content 

Representing our company through Social Media 

Employees are best advocates for our Employer and Product Brand. That being said, acting according to rules and regulations and making sure that [company name]'s reputation is not in harm, is extremely important to us.

Our marketing department represents our company by managing company's social media accounts.

These employees are especially responsible for careful and responsible message distribution. We expect all our employees to:

  • Be respectful and polite when creating, posting or sharing any company related information
  • Follow company's data protection policy
  • Tell company's Marketing department when you are planning on sharing share major type of content 
  • Avoid any discriminatory or offensive content 
  • Report any false or inappropriate online messages about [company name]
  • Follow company's data protection policy 

Consequences and disciplinary actions

[Company name] monitors social media accounts on a daily basis, and any violations are discovered in a very short period of time. Every time there is a violation of company's Social Media plocies and procedures, disciplinary actions will take place. Some of the most common ones include: 

  • Disregarding Social Media job responsibilities
  • Missing Social Media task deadlines
  • Using inappropriate language about company on Social Media
  • Not adhering to data protection law
  • Creating and posting offensive or discriminatory comments 

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