Company's holiday policy template

This company's holiday policy template can be used and customized for your company’s specific needs and requirements. A standard holiday policy is something every company should have. Use this template for holiday policy to set up your company's HR Policies and Procedures. 

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Company's holiday policy

What is the purpose of company's holiday policy?

The main purpose of every company's holiday policy template is to outline all the days of the year that the company has identified as holidays. If is important to have a standard holiday policy that all the employees can use and refer to when they need it. 

Example of company's holiday policy template

This is our company's holiday policy that outlines all the days of the year thet we acknowledge as holidays. In other words, these are the days when our employees don't work, and our offices are closed. 

This policy is applicable to all of [company name] employees. 

Holidays that we acknowledge

[company name] acknowledges following holidays:

  • [New Year’s Day]
  • [Martin Luther King’s Day]
  • [President’s Day]
  • [Good Friday/Easter Monday]
  • [Memorial Day]
  • [Independence Day]
  • [Labor Day]
  • [Columbus Day]
  • [Veterans Day]
  • [Thanksgiving Day]
  • [Christmas Day]
  • [Other]

Please remember that these days are considered as days-off at [company name]. 

This is true for all the employees, unless a particular department, location or a position of the company must operate at these days and stay available for customers. 

Working on a holiday 

If working on a holiday is necessary, we will inform all the employees in advance. Pay rate on during holiday days are [x] time the regular pay.  

Holiday pay entitlement policy 

  • Full time employees who don't work on a holiday will not see any reduction in their regular pay.
  • Part-time employees will be paid based the amount of hours they would have worked if it wasn't a holiday.
  • Temporary non-exempt employees are not entitled to holiday pay.  

Religious Holidays 

If there are any other religious holidays that our employees celebrate, [company name] will, adhering to anti discrimination best practices, allow these employees to take unpaid time off.

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