Employee accessibility policy template

This Employee accessibility policy template can also help you stay compliant with specific rules and regulations.

This template for company's employee accessibility policy can be used and customized for your company’s specific needs and requirements. Use it to set up your company's HR Policies and Procedures. This employee accessibility policy template can also help you to stay compliant with specific rules and regulations.

Accessibility policy

What is the purpose of employee accessibility policy?

Diversity in the workplace is one of the top priorities for many employers. In order to follow diversity standards, many companies have defined their own diversity and employee accessibility standards, policies and procedures.  

Example of employee accessibility policy template

As [company name] strives to be known as a very accessible company to work for, without any type of discrimination, we have our Employee Accessibility Policy. The goal is to show how [company name] works with its employees as well as how it provides its programs, goods and services respecting dignity, independence and equal opportunity to candidates and employees with disabilities.

Assistive devices

All people with disabilities are allowed to use their assertive devices.


[Company name] is responsible for communicating with persons with disabilities in ways that take into account their disability. 

Employee Training and Education

At [Company name] we take responsibility for continuaous employee education and training to ensure that all the aspects of this policy are followed and respected.  

Feedback and suggestions

We encourage all the employees to give us feedback about how we implement the disability program and provide programs, goods and services to persons with disabilities. Please do so using contact information:

• [E-mail ]

• Phone number]

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