Quick Tips on How to Source IT Specialists

How to find exceptional IT specialist? Easy, if you use these quick tips on how to source IT specialists


How to source IT specialists?

Sourcing IT specialists is the biggest problem in the major world market. Sourcing specialist in the IT world is increasingly difficult, particularly in competitive markets like London, Berlin and New York. High cost, inefficient sorting and lack of transparency have prompted many companies to avoid recruitment agencies when it comes to searching for IT specialist. In order to offer the market what it requires, recruiters can turn to technological meetings, recruitment software and other areas where there is more likely to find the right professionals.

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Tech community

Github, central repository for source code, is a place where it is visible who is and who is not a programmer. Each candidate should submit GitHub profile when applying for a job. If a candidate does not have a profile on GitHub that tells a lot about him. Programmers are spending a lot of their free time on GitHub, and they are very active. You should pay attention to the number of followers that programmers have because the higher number means they enjoy great respect in the community.

Potential candidates can be found on the site Stack Overflow where programmers and developers exchange questions and answers.

Here is another great list of places where you can recruit best tech talent from. 

Referral programs

Another way that employers can reach quality staff is the referral program. The reasons why you should use employee referral programs are numerous. Following data explains why is this program useful. The average employee has around 150 contacts on social networks. That means that 100 employees have about 15 thousand contacts and these are all possible candidates. Although only 7 percent of people report through referral programs, they make up 40% of all employment.

Those who find employment through referral programs begin to work faster in their workplace. They need 29 days to start while those who come across an ad for a job takes ten days more. Persons who are employed through career web pages needs even more time - 55 days.

Individuals employed by referral programs are more satisfied with the job and stay longer in the company. 46% of them stay more than one year, 45% more than two years and 47% more than 3 years. Many of both employers and recruiters (51 percent) say that hiring through this program is not costly. 

Talent Marketplaces

Recruitment software makes it easier to find and hire best technology professionals. One such software is TalentLyft that allows companies to find IT specialist easier.

Another way to find IT specialist is in markets such as Hired and Zartist. Places like this bring together active candidates who are already been proven so companies have higher chances to find qualified candidates. These markets combine the best of traditional recruitment and modern technologies. 

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Tech meetups 

On the technological conferences, recruiters have access to the targeted pool of candidates, and it is the perfect opportunity to connect with top IT specialist. The effect will be even better if they bring developers who can assist in finding talents.

After sourcing: The next step

Remember that finding IT specialists is just a first step in the recruitment process. In order to actually hire them, you need to learn how to have better conversations with top software engineers.

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Tech Recruitment: Top 10 Tips for Recruiting Tech Professionals

Tech Recruitment: Top 10 Tips for Recruiting Tech Professionals

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