5 Recruitment Technology Solutions You'll Wish You Knew About

In this article, we will present 5 recruitment technology solutions successful recruiters use to poach the best candidates. Read it now, so you don’t kick yourself for not knowing later!


Why do we need new recruitment solutions?

Last few years have witnessed massive changes in terms of political, social and business ecosystem.

Talking about the business landscape, there has been a steep rise in the number of startups and new ventures despite the global economic turmoil.

This phenomenon has led to a staggering rise in the demand for skilled workforce thus, doubling the responsibilities of talent acquisition experts and HR professionals worldwide and changing the way they recruit.

How can technology advance recruitment?

Thanks to technological advancements, small as well as medium-sized enterprises and startups too can now compete with the giants when it comes to finding and hiring the ideal job candidates.

Unfortunately, skilled professionals are scarce, so finding the right job candidates is becoming more and more difficult. 

This infers that businesses and especially talent acquisition experts and HR professionals ought to toil hard to attract, recruit and then nurture and engage top talents to stop them from leaving.

As a result, recruiting experts are embracing technology to win the talent poaching war. 

The prevalence of recruitment technology

More than 70% of HR managers and recruiting experts rely on some or the other recruitment management system to get the job done.


5 great recruitment technology solutions 

Here are 5 recruitment technology solutions successful recruiters use to poach the best candidates:


#1 Data-driven recruitment

As data-driven recruitment is fast turning out to be a staple for businesses these days, so is the approach to poaching the talent.
Today, it is all about numbers i.e. data.  

Data-Driven Recruiting and HR Analytics can help unearth a pool of data pertaining to top talents waiting to be poached.
The mere knack of tracking potential recruits helps in determining as what would make a perfect fit for the organization.  

A data-driven recruitment helps to uncover key hiring metrics such as data on qualified applicants, resignation history, etc.

#2 AI for recruitment

Fast turning to be a secret arsenal for recruiters around the world, AI (Artificial Intelligence) is catching up a decent traction in the recruitment landscape.

In fact, AI and automation are already affecting workplaces globally, in a good way.

Talent acquisition experts are likely to witness several of their repetitive and mundane tasks - for instance, screening of CVs taken care by AI-powered recruitment management systems.
AI-powered recruitment system will help to automate the entire process of candidate searching thus, speeding up the process.  

On the other hand, AI-powered recruitment chatbots would revert to the various queries and questions put forth by candidates thus, saving time for the HR and talent acquisition managers.

Further, AI would help prioritize candidates from the talent pool who are keen to relocate thus, helping recruiters target the right set of audience.

#3 Social media recruiting

Social media is driving the hiring process to a whole new level compared to old-school recruiting practices.

It is successfully assisting organizations to engage with its people in a much better manner, promoting Employer Brand and importantly, in finding top talents whilst keeping hiring costs under control.

Social media recruiting is evolving and thus, making it easy for recruiters when it comes to search for different profiles and eventually, provides them with a wide scope to poach the best talents.

A whopping percentage of talent acquisition experts prefer to network on different social media channels to look for top talents.

#4 Video job interview technology

We are living in an exciting era, digitally connected to be specific.
Yes, the world is a lot interconnected than ever.  

And as mentioned above, even a startup can compete with a multinational giant to poach the best talents using recruitment technologies available today.

Video interviewing is one such tech trend that is catching a good amount of pace in the recruitment landscape.

In fact, more than 50% of businesses are resorting to video interviews for their hiring processes.
Yes, video interviews and video recruiting emails are the new normal in the world of recruiting.

#5 Improved candidate experience

While candidate experience is something that has been a topic of debate since years, several organizations still stuck in the ice age find it difficult to master at this critical recruitment aspect.
In fact, a number of areas call for attention when it comes to improving the candidate experience.

The billion-dollar question is how to identify these areas?

HR analytics obtained by a smart recruitment marketing software can throw light on factors that influence candidate experience, whereas smart workforce analytics, on the other hand, would recommend apt measures to help tackle these issues.

Be it responding to a candidate’s first query, time taken between screening and interviews, etc., a recruitment management system help figure out any underlying factors that cause the bad candidate experience.

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Benefits of using recruitment technology

The war to poaching the best talent is getting tougher with each passing day.

Therefore, businesses both small and large ought to get their heads into recruitment technology to poach and attract the top talents out there.

The right recruitment software will not only save you time and efforts but will also ensure that you hire the best talent by finding the perfect fit for your company that would contribute to the organization’s bottom line.

What is your experience with recruitment technology?

Have you ever used any HR software for hiring that has been a game changer for you?
We’d be glad to hear about it! 🙂 

Please share your experience with us in the comments.

About the author

Anwar Shaikh writes about startups, human resources technology, cloud, analytics and more. A self-made and reared up writer, Anwar writes for Pocket HRMS, a leading provider of HR software and recruitment management system with built-in AI-powered chatbot (smHRty) to help automate critical HR processes.

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