How to Become a More Successful Recruiter

Becoming a more successful recruiter requires a lot of work and effort. It requires many different skills and personal characteristics. It requires knowledge in many different areas, and now it also requires more advanced IT and computer skills. While the most talented candidates used to come to us, this is not the truth any more. That being said, thinking out of the box is becoming important, and we have put some suggestions on how to do so.


Becoming a more successful recruiter is not easy!

They taught us all in elementary school that there's a certain period when everything wakes up. When flowers flourish, animals wake up from their hibernation, leaves become green. 

I think that was spring. Climatic changes disrupted the balance system, but we'll stick to spring.

We all feel like we are full of energy (what about spring fatigue), we look for and create new opportunities. Or, we wait for the opportunities to find us (which will not happen).

In this way, our favorite candidates get out of their hiding places, concede to a beautiful Sun, and wait for us to find them. Take their hand. And they come along with us, singing and dancing. Yeah, right.

Where biology ends, trouble begins.

Despite flora and fauna, best recruiters never sleep. Ever. Not in winter. Not at night. Never. That's the luxury they can't afford to themselves.

They must be on the go and follow everything. Like the neighbor who is always on the window. The one who unmistakably knows when did you come home last night (what did you look like), or what did you bring in your bags when you came home from the market?

Recruiter, who sits at his office all the time, furiously writing ads and making selection of applicants – well, he'll change his career soon... Or his employer.

If we don't move, stare at the screen (like we're doing something), waiting for an ideal candidate (aka candidate persona) to fall from heaven – we're in a big trouble. Good candidates don't fall from heaven (if they start to, please someone, anyone, just let me know).

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Things you can do to become a more successful recruiter

Attend some of the top HR conventions, where people from the industry you work in, hang out. Yes, I know, you don't have time (you're bored), but, wake up! That's your job! To go and to find qualified candidates, to hire top candidates (not in a way you think at the moment).

Attend educations that are multiply useful, seminars, workshops, anything, just do it.

Go to formal and informal gatherings with people from your industry. There are the ones you need, possible future members of your team.

Try hard, talk, meet new people and share your business cards. One day, your ideal candidate will find the card accidentally and think ''Why not?''.

Make yourself a net, made of contacts, which you will treasure jealously and refresh constantly. Be prepared. You must know everything about your company and about the industry you do.

If you want to be a successful recruiter, you need to be informed about trends and you must mention something about your future plans for expansion and growth. Wake their curiosity up. Real candidates will ask questions by themselves and tell their attitudes and opinions.

Introduce them to the company's values, and organization culture. Share some interesting details from team building (carefully, you can't be indiscreet in any way).

You do all mentioned things to attract attention to your employer, making him desirable, even to those who probably don't want to change the company where they work for.

Ask what makes them happy at work. What motivates them, moves them. Best recruiters and HR specialist always nurture their talent to stop them from leaving, and they give their best to engage potential new hires. Like they are on an interview, but totally in a different way.

Lead the conversation and don't be bored. If that happens, because your candidate won't listen to you, won't be concentrated even if you offer one million dollars. And, you'll be asking yourself what happened.

Make one step forward and find out what are your favorites interests. Meet accidentally at those places (sports competitions, matches of your favorite clubs, etc.). I know, persecution. But, in love and sourcing, everything's allowed.

In the end, roll every rock to find him. Or, to find them. Be a step forward, make a base with top candidates from the market, especially the ones who are ideal for top positions.

Not only for outside the company – the candidate persona you have identified can be in your company. Small, uncut diamond whom the competition is maybe stalking, and you don't even know it. Be honest with yourself and think: when was the last time when you observed talent from someone else's perspective, the one that is outside all procedures, rules and limits? When did you talk to some of the talents? Yes, I know, the boss does the talking and lets you know afterward.

Sit with a man. Drink coffee. Eat something. Laugh. Ask and let others ask you. Half an hour later, you'll know more than from all other monthly or annual conversations.

Become a successful recruiter who works inside and outside, who has a base with top candidates, that some of the colleagues would kill for.

Move! While you are sitting, competition is on the move, running! And then, you ask yourself, how did they find the ideal candidate, and you didn't.

Recruitment Marketing is the tool to help you become a more successful recruiter

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