The Ultimate Onboarding Checklist

This ultimate employee onboarding checklist will help you keep your onboarding process organized and on schedule. Use it to stay focused and ensure that you don’t overlook important tasks. We also included thoughtful details to delight your new employees!

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Pre-boarding checklist

Step 1: Send an email to your new employee


Step 2: Send an email to your existing employees


Step 3: Prepare new employees’ office and equipment


Onboarding checklist: First day

Step 1: Welcome coffee and office tour


Step 2: Set up a new employee’s desk and equipment


Step 3: HR documents (paperwork)


Step 4: Meeting with a CEO


Step 5: Meeting with new employee’s manager


Onboarding checklist: First week


Onboarding checklist: First, third and sixth month


Additional useful employee onboarding resources

Here are the 5 additional resources, tool, templates and suggested reading to help you create successful onboarding for your new employees in the most organized, effective and time-saving manner:

Resource #1: Employee onboarding guide

➡️ Check out our step-by-step Guide on how to successfully onboard new employees

Resource#2: New employee welcome email template

➡️ Feel free to use our New employee welcome email template.

Resource #3: Employee onboarding survey questions

➡️ Check out the list of the most important Employee onboarding survey questions.

Resource #4: Employee onboarding tools

➡️ Check out our blog post Top 7 employee onboarding tools.

Resource #5: Employee onboarding ideas and examples

➡️ Check out our blog post Employee onboarding ideas and examples from experts

Resource #6: Employee onboarding best practices (PODCAST)

➡️ Check out our podcast episode on employee onboarding!   

Frequently asked questions

What are the key steps in pre-boarding a new employee? 

Key pre-boarding steps include sending a welcoming email to the new employee, informing current staff about the new hire, and preparing the new employee's office space and equipment.

What should be included in an employee's first day of onboarding? 

The first day should include a welcome coffee, an office tour, setting up the desk and equipment, completing the necessary paperwork, and meetings with the CEO and the employee's manager.

How does the onboarding checklist assist during the first week, month, and beyond? 

The checklist provides structured activities and check-ins to ensure the employee is well-integrated into the company, understand their role, and receive consistent support as they acclimate.

What additional resources are available for enhancing the onboarding process? 

The article offers additional resources like an employee onboarding guide, welcome email template, onboarding survey questions, and suggestions for onboarding tools and ideas.

Why is an organized onboarding process important? 

A well-organized onboarding process helps new employees feel welcomed, provides them with the necessary tools and information, and ensures a smooth transition into their new role, contributing to their long-term success and satisfaction with the company.

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The Ultimate Candidate Interview & Employee Onboarding Checklist

The Ultimate Candidate Interview & Employee Onboarding Checklist

Download this comprehensive checklist on how to successfully interview job candidates and onboard your new hires!
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