Top 7 Employee Onboarding Tools

Here is the list of the top 7 employee onboarding tools! These tools will help you streamline your onboarding process and ensure a delightful onboarding experience for your new employees.


How to choose the best employee onboarding tool?

There are many different tools you can use to help you successfully onboard new employees.

Which one is the best for your company depends on your needs:

Whatever your answer is - we’ve got you covered! 🙂

If you’re not quite sure what you need, don’t worry - read on to learn more about different types of employee onboarding tools.
Our super useful tips will help you make the best choice! 💪

Different types of employee onboarding tools

There are numerous different employee onboarding tools out there.

To make it easier for you to choose the one that best fits your needs, we structured them into 5 main types:


Type #1: Checklists

Checklists are the most simple and straightforward tool that can help you onboard new employees. Simply download your employee onboarding checklist template for free and you’re ready to go!

➡️ Download The Ultimate Candidate Interview & Employee Onboarding Checklist!

Type #2: Free tools

There are also free tools that can be used to organize and streamline your onboarding process. These tools offer more options and greater flexibility than checklists, but you’ll need to log in to use them.

Type #3: Specialized tools

Specialized employee onboarding tools are tools created for the sole purpose of improving the employee onboarding process. They streamline, automate and fasten the employee onboarding process and offer features that ensure a great onboarding experience for new employees.

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Type #4: Integrated tools

Integrated tools are comprehensive, all-in-one tools that offer solutions for your whole HR management process. With these tools, you can manage not only onboarding but also payroll, benefits, time and attendance, and similar features, all from one dashboard!

Type #5: Chatbots

Finally, there are employee onboarding chatbots! These tools will guide your new employee through your onboarding process in a conversational form. Their biggest advantage is that they are available 24/7 to answer all of your new employees’ questions!

List of the best employee onboarding tools

Check out the list of the top 7 employee onboarding tools:

#1 Free employee onboarding tools


Trello is a tool that offers an easy and flexible way to manage your projects.
You can use it to manage different types of projects you work on, including onboarding new employees.  

Trello has even created a specialized new employee onboarding template. This is what it looks like: 


It works like an interactive to-do list.
You can add tasks, assign them to your team members and add due dates. 

If you would like to try it, check out the new hire onboarding Trello board sample.
If you decide to use it, simply copy the sample board and customize it to fit your own onboarding process and needs.  


Eduflow is the tool that makes onboarding courses run smoothly and automatically. You can use it to onboard your new employees, but it also offers functionality for internal training and teaching online courses.

There is a template course for employee onboarding that looks like this:

Free onboarding tools

The content in your onboarding course in Eduflow consists of different videos, text, and other types of rich media. But you can also ask your new hires to record videos, submit proposals, sign documents, and many other things.

#2 Specialized employee onboarding tools


Talmundo is an intuitive onboarding platform that will help you build a culture of employee engagement, decrease new hire time-to-productivity, and de-risk recruitment investments.

The results? Invested in new hires who hit peak performance faster and stay longer.

What sets Talmundo apart?

You can check the rest of the features or watch the video:

Click Boarding 

With the Click Boarding tool, you can easily get a complete understanding of where your new hire is in their process, be quickly alerted to what needs attention, and can take immediate action.

You can use the suggested templates or change up the steps and content to create a customized onboarding experience.

With this onboarding tool, you can:

You can check the rest of its features: 

FactorHR onbording tool

factoHR is an excellent plug & play solution that offers extraordinary assistance, right from the hire to retirement HR activities. factoHR is not limited to providing onboarding tools alone but includes all that the company requires to ensure smooth, error-free, and streamlined HR and payroll activities. The software’s advanced and comprehensive modules include

And many more.  

Onboarding Software

When talking onboarding software, it helps you create a harmonious working environment and an outstanding onboarding experience. Since onboarding has a direct and greater impact on employee retention, why not employ the right tool to ensure your employee’s loyalty? factoHR’s onboarding software benefits you in the following ways:

With factoHR’s onboarding module, you can:

Therefore, implement factoHR’s onboarding to create the best experience and a lasting impression among your new recruits as they begin their journey with your company.

#3 Integrated employee onboarding tools


Zenefits is all-in-one HR software & HRIS platform that integrates all the HR processes, apps, and tools you need in one place.

This means that it offers features to manage not only onboarding but also:

When it comes to onboarding, you can use it to send offer letters, run background checks, and get everything set up for your new hires in minutes.

Entirely online, the app also offers mobile features like a hiring overview for admins and self-onboarding for employees.

Check out the video to see exactly how it works:


Kin HR software is a tool created to help companies practice core principles of employee engagement. 

If offer features for:

Onboarding features include onboarding checklists, digital signatures, and a customized welcome page for each new hire that links them to tasks, paperwork, and workplace details like location, start time, and team member bios.

Check out the video to see exactly how it works:

#4 Employee onboarding bot

Chief Onboarding 

Chief Onboarding is an employee onboarding platform that goes one step further.

It offers the possibility of onboarding your new employees through Slack with the help of their Slack bot!

Their onboarding bot will guide your new employees through their onboarding journey and answer all of their questions.

Here is what it looks like:


Check out the rest of its features here.

#5 Employee onboarding checklist

TalentLyft onboarding checklist 

If you’re overwhelmed with all these tools and you just want a simple, straightforward way to organize your onboarding process, we’ve got you covered. 

➡️ Check out our Ultimate employee onboarding checklist! 😊

It is a simple, but very useful PDF document. No need to login in or learn how to use new tools - simply download it and tick off the tasks as you go.

Learn more about employee onboarding! 

Frequently asked questions

What are the main types of employee onboarding tools? 

There are five main types: Checklists, Free tools, Specialized tools, Integrated tools, and Chatbots, each offering different levels of support and features for the onboarding process.

How can I determine which onboarding tool is best for my company? 

Consider your specific needs, such as the simplicity of checklists, budget constraints, specialized features, or the desire for an all-in-one HR tool. Your choice should align with your company's onboarding process requirements.

What are the benefits of using specialized employee onboarding tools? 

Specialized tools are designed to automate, streamline, and speed up the onboarding process, offering features that ensure a positive onboarding experience and facilitate new employee engagement.

What advantages do integrated onboarding tools offer? 

Integrated tools provide comprehensive solutions, managing not only onboarding but also payroll, benefits, time and attendance, and more, all from one platform, ensuring a cohesive HR management process.

How do onboarding chatbots enhance the employee onboarding process? 

Chatbots guide new employees through the onboarding process in a conversational form and are available 24/7, offering immediate responses to questions and providing a unique, interactive onboarding experience.

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The Ultimate Candidate Interview & Employee Onboarding Checklist

The Ultimate Candidate Interview & Employee Onboarding Checklist

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