Top 5 Tools Every HR Director Should Know About

Guest Author | 6/29/2018 | Recruiting

If you’re a successful HR director who likes good organization but doesn’t feel like sweating and stressing too much about work, here is the list of the top 5 tools you should know about.

Top 5 Tools Every HR Director Should Know About

HR tools: Making HR directors’ lives easier

The world of HR has changed with the rise of technology.

Finding qualified candidates and keeping track of employee activities has become effortless and easy thanks to various types of HR tools.

Besides, HR has become easier to manage, as the numbers of employees continue to grow and without proper tools, it would be much harder to organize them all.

So if you’re a successful HR director and like good organization but don’t feel like sweating and stressing too much about work, we’ve created a list of the best 5 tools for your convenience.

HR tools for HR directors

Here is the list of the top 5 tools every HR director should know about:


1. Zenefits

As an HR director, you have a lot to deal with, including numerous employee records, contact information, insurance data as well as following the key workplace trends as well as the latest recruiting trends to make your work more effective.

If you’re a looking for a way to simplify your work and keep all the necessary data in one place, Zenefits is here to help you. It includes a series of apps that help you control payroll, check-ins and check-outs, compliance and benefits.

It also offers help in managing your employees by means of:

  • Running background checks;
  • Syncing all employee data, helping you avoid system overloads;
  • Managing performance to ensure that all employees are working towards the company goal;
  • Running business intelligence reports to visualize important HR data.

Zenfits is a comprehensive tool that makes your work effortless. It’s completely automated to ensure that you don’t waste time on updating, uploading and filing. It also has an HR library that contains all the latest news you might want to be aware of.

2. Staff Squared

This is another comprehensive tool to manage all HR data.

Its distinctive feature, however, is that it is totally cloud-based. It stores your information online on a highly-protected “memory cloud”, that’s why this service is preferred by professional writing services and other online-based businesses.

How can it fit your needs?

  • It offers the solution to the most annoying HR management headaches, including holiday calculations, managing employee absence, monitoring sick leaves etc.;
  • It has a hands-on diary with a notification option to help you keep track of everything;
  • It has great organization system, so it won’t take pains to find exactly what you need;
  • It gives you an option to create reports and analytics very quickly.

This tool is great if you’re just getting started to use online HR tools. It’s easy to operate and updates regularly, so you won’t stress out about using it. It also has an option to get a free trial, so if you don’t like it, you can switch to another one.


Motivating the employees has always been a “number one” priority for HR directors.

Employee engagement is a key to better business results, and this is why you need a proper tool to help you motivate your employees and boost employee engagement. offers 3 types of products, and all of them in coherence will help you improve employee engagement:

  • Rewards
    This tool offers various platforms that help HR directors recognize and reward employees for their achievements. It offers you the ways to praise your employees for making success towards the company’s goals. 
  • Perks
    This tool is oriented at providing your employees with pre-negotiated discounts on various products from a variety of categories including travel, fitness, entertainment, professional development and much more. 
  • EngagementIQ 
    The third product of offers you to effortlessly create the employee engagement analytics to measure how successful your work towards engaging your employees is. It offers you to get overall engagement score as well as provides you with solutions to boost it even more. 

You can try each of the products for free to see whether they fit your needs.

4. Starling

What is the best way to build strong workplace relationships at your company? To use science, of course!

Starling Trust is an applied behavioral sciences technology company that offers various products to help companies measure and manage employee dynamics and help them build strong workplace relationships.

Why should you consider giving Starling a try?

  • If you want to get a scientific, data-based solution for your employee engagement problems;
  • If you want to learn about the ways to cultivate a sense of belonging in the workplace and how to get your employees to cherish your company’s corporate culture;
  • If you need a tool to measure the risks and get comprehensive analytics on employee performance.

5. Dropbox

Everyone wants to keep their data safe and easily manageable.

Dropbox is a perfect solution for all of it. It offers two platforms, one for the teams and one for individuals, and its work depends on which platform you choose.

Why can this tool be a perfect solution for all your HR data?

  • It’s safe to use. 
    Many companies (like Hewlett Packard and Adidas Group) trust Dropbox with storing and organizing their data. 
  • It has a wonderful data organization system. 
    Dropbox keeps all your files in one place, organizes them and makes them easily manageable. You won’t have to waste time tracking down your work. 
  • It offers a sharing option. 
    No matter how big or small the file is, you can upload them to Dropbox to share and collaborate with others. 

Dropbox comes both on your desktop and on your smartphone to help you access necessary files at any time.

Conclusion: HR tools are HR directors’ best friend

The modern world of HR has become an exciting place thanks to cutting-edge, state-of-the-art online HR tools.
Hopefully, the tools we provided you with will make your work effortless and will bring your company closer to its goals.

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