List of Best Email Finders: Find Any Email Address You Need

Anja Zojceska | Tutorials | Talent Sourcing | December 19, 2017

Finding someone’s email address is one the key pain points in modern recruiting. The way we recruit has changed. The war for talent is ranging on. For these reasons, instead of using “post and pray” method, we now have to proactively search for talent. But what to do when you can’t find your perfect candidate's email address? How to find an email address for free?


Why are email finders important for recruiting?

Imagine this: You found your perfect candidate persona. Their work is amazing, and by browsing their social networks it also seems like they have a great personality - just the right fit for your company.

Check out our Guide for Finding High-Quality Job Candidates!

But, there’s just one thing: How do you get in touch with this candidate? You can’t find this candidate’s email address anywhere. And I mean ANYWHERE.

Sounds familiar?
No worries - we’re here to help! 🙂 

Finding someone’s email address is one of the key pain points in modern recruitment marketing. The way we recruit has changed. The war for talent is ranging on. For these reasons, instead of using the “post and pray” method, we now have to proactively search for talent. And when we find perfect candidates, it’s crucial to contact them as soon as possible, in the most professional way - via email.

But what to do when you just can’t seem to find your perfect candidate’s email address?

Spending hours and hours looking for a single email address can be really frustrating, but it can also mean a world of difference in the process of finding that perfect candidate. So what to do when everything seems hopeless, that email address is nowhere to be found and it seems you’re gonna be left empty-handed? We'll show you how to find an email address for free. Yes, it is possible!

Email finders find you passive candidates’ emails

You might have tried to contact that perfect candidate by sending him/her a message on LinkedIn, but haven’t heard back. No surprise there - your perfect candidates already have a job, so they’re probably not checking their LinkedIn accounts (at least not regularly).

Actually, 73% of your potential candidates are passive, especially the best job candidates. Passive candidates are those candidates who are not actively looking for a new job but would be willing to accept a better offer. Remember, a better offer doesn't necessarily mean more money. It can be a flexible working time, education, opportunities to grow, benefits, cool projects, and many other. That being said, you have to think carefully how to approach passive candidates.  

email finder passive candidates

Why email finders instead of social media?

But first, you have to find a way to reach them. If you can’t seem to find their email address, you might think of another solution. You could try to contact your perfect candidate through social media networks like Facebook or Twitter, but this is not a safe way to go.

First of all, it is questionable whether you will be able to reach them. If you are not friends with someone on Facebook, your message will go into “Other” folder, and let’s be real - who ever checks that one?

Second, people pay more attention to their email inboxes. Most of the people have profiles on many different social media networks, but use only a few of them regularly. Email, on the other hand, is something we all use. Every single day. 

Third, email is the most professional way to contact someone. And you do want to look professional when you’re trying to recruit a star candidate and win him/her over!

How to find someone's email address?

So how do professional recruiting masterminds solve the problem of “missing” email addresses? How to find an email address for free?

They use so-called “email finders”, online sourcing tools that can help you find somebody's email address for free in as little as a few seconds!

List of best free email finders 

There are many similar email finders out there, so it can be very difficult to find the perfect one, especially if you have a tight budget (or no budget at all).

That’s why we did a research of the most popular email finder tools to find the very best among them, tried them out and came up with this top 5 list of the best email finders you can use for free. 

Besides highlighting the possibilities and features each email finder offers, we also included information on price (each email sourcing tool on our list can be used for free to some extent) and instructions on how to get started and use them. So we’ve got you all covered - just read on to select the email finder of your dreams! 🙂

1. Email Hunter 

Free: 100 credits per month
Paid: from 39€ per month 

Why we like it: 
Email Hunter allows you to search for email addresses by the person’s name, but also by domain. Search by domain means that if you type in any company domain (company.com), it will scan that domain for email addresses and you’ll quickly get a list of all publicly available email addresses associated with it. Pretty cool, huh? And that’s not all! When you find an email address you were looking for, you can type it in and Email Hunter will verify it for you!  

How to use it:
You’ll have to sign up to use it, but you can do it with your Gmail account in just one click - it’s totally worth it!  

Try it: Try Email Hunter yourself

find email address

2. Voila Norbert

Free: 50 credits
Paid: from 39$ per month / “pay as you go” option ($0.10 per lead) 

 Why we like it: 
Meet Norbert, a guy who promises he can find anyone’s corporate email. You can search for anyone’s email address based on their name and company (or website). Once he finds that someone’s email address, Norbert can also verify it for you. Oh, and it’s worth mentioning that Norbert is a fair and square type of guy - he only counts successful email founds, so you won't ever pay if you don't get the email you were looking for! Plus, he’s quite handsome. 😊 

How to use it: 
Once you create a free account, you get 50 free credits, so you can try it out yourself.  

Try it: Meet Norbert!

email finder

3. Find That Lead

Free: 10 credits per day (300 per month)
Paid: from 29$ per month  

Why we like it:
Find That Lead offers a few more search options than previously mentioned email finders. You can search for an email based on a name and domain but also based on a social media profile URL. Currently, they support LinkedIn and Twitter. You can also choose between the different variables (e.g. location, job title, company industry, degree etc.) to make your search more accurate and find the right prospect. Find That Lead also offers email address verifier. 

How to use it:
You’ll have to sign up to use it, but you can do it with your Gmail, LinkedIn or even Facebook account in just one click. 

Try it: Find out more at LeadSearch!

email finder

4. Lusha

Free: 5 credits per month
Paid: from 29$ per month 

Why we like it:
Lusha is a browser extension focused on finding personal email addresses and phone numbers from people’s social profiles on sites such as Twitter or LinkedIn. It also offers an email template you can edit, save and use to reach out to potential candidates.  

How to use it:
Sign up for free, add the extension to your browser and then go on and check a social profile page on sites such as Twitter or LinkedIn. Lusha will find contact details for the person whose profile you are looking at! 

Try it: See Lusha in action!     

find email address

5. Headreach

Free: 10 credits
Paid: from 49$ per month  

Why we like it: 
Headreach is very interesting email finder because it offers a possibility to search and find someone’s email address and social profiles by their personal name only, but also by domain, company etc. It also offers an advanced search with different variables (e.g. position, industry, keywords, country, location, etc.). 

How to use it: 
Once you sign up for free, you get 10 free credits, so you can try it out.  

Try it:  Reach Headreach!     

email finder

6. Snov.io

Free: 200 leads per month
Paid: from $25/month (1000 leads)

 Why we like it: 
Snov.io offers a multi-functional email verification tool to verify both bulk email lists and single emails. You can verify emails without even leaving a browser (verifying a lead found on any website by Snov.io extension) or by uploading them into the tool and verifying them in bulk. Real-time verification methods involve checking for typos in email addresses, pinging a domain name, comparison with the database of bounced emails and comparison with 3rd-party services. To spice things up, Snov.io offers an API for a comprehensive email validation experience.

 How to use it: 
Sign up with an email address or with your Google account. Then, add an extension to your browser and you are good to go! You can also use the API, if you want to integrate it into your app. 

 Try it: Go to  Snov.io right now!

snovio email finder

7. Webdef

Free: 200 searches per month
Paid: from $29 per month

Why we like it:
Webdef.com enables you to instantly find all email addresses for any business online. Simply enter a company website and Webdef returns all emails along with the publicly listed sources. One more quick click and you can verify each email in real-time against their live email server. Never send another bounced email! Now you’re ready for exporting and importing into your favorite CRM. And unlike Webdef’s competitors, for just one flat fee everything’s included. Easy, right?

How to use it:
Enter any domain into the search field, for example: tesla.com, and you’ll get hundreds of emails returned. Sign up for a free account to unlock the full email address, upgrade to a paid account for thousands of searches. It doesn’t get any easier!

Try it: Give it a free test drive on Webdef right now. 


8. ContactOut

Free: 50 free credits per month by default
Paid: Bulk price

Why we like it: 
ContactOut is a simple browser extension that helps you find email addresses and phone numbers of anyone on LinkedIn and already have thousands of users from a third of the Fortune 500 (like Microsoft, PwC, and Symantec). ContactOut finds emails from 75% of Linkedin users at a 97% accuracy rate. It’s earned us multiple mentions on the ahrefs blog as one of the best freemium email outreach tools available.

How to use it: 
Add the extension to your browser and register, then go and find anyone in LinkedIn after that click the extension and the email addresses and phone numbers will appear, if you want to find the specific email just add the domain. 

Try it: Find out more about Contact out!  


Bonus free email finder tools

Here are two more super interesting and useful, but not so known free online tools that can be a real game-changer in your search for someone’s email address. You’re welcome! 🙂

Email Generator

Price: Free

If you tried out all of the above mentioned free email finders and came up empty-handed, don’t despair - all is not lost yet! We present you Email Generator! This completely free online tool will help you generate possible email combinations and see if any is real.

Try it: Find that email address with Email Generator!

email finder

All My Tweets

Price: Free

If your potential candidate is active on Twitter, you have to try this! This tool wasn’t originally meant to be used for finding email addresses, so its powers are still quite hidden. Take advantage of that and learn how to hack out anyone’s email address through Twitter!

Try it: Get started with your search!

email finder

Integrating email finders with ATS and Recruitment Marketing platform

Email finders are just one of the tools that facilitate recruiting. If you want to assure the best recruiting experience for your candidates (and make your life a lot easier), think about integrating your new email finder with your ATS and Recruitment Marketing tools.

What about email verification tools?

Sometimes, emails addresses that we find are incorrect or not in use. Sometimes, we just don't copy-paste them correctly or we simply misspell them. There are tools that verify email addresses in seconds, and they are useful especially in situations when we send bulk emails to a larger number of candidates.

Don't miss out on your best job candidates by not using their correct email addresses, and check out this list of 10 bulk email verification tools.  If you want to do more detailed research, you should definitely check out this great article Top 25+ Bulk Email Verification and Validation Services Compared

Email list verification is important for another reason too: if you send to a large number of inactive or bouncing email addresses, you may become suspicious for email service providers and they may lower your sender score. This can hurt your email deliverability and your messages will end up in the spam folder more often.  

Take your sourcing strategy to a whole new level!

If you want to take your sourcing strategy to a whole new level, we’ve got you covered!

With TalentLyft Source, a single web search scans millions of online profiles to retrieve passive and active candidates’ details including email addresses, resumes and more. The profiles that you choose are automatically added to your candidate database. 

Sounds interesting? 🤔
Try our services for free (for 14 days, no credit card required to sign up, cancel anytime)! Once you are in the free trial, you can let our team know about your needs in the live chat. During the free trial, we will help you set up and source the best candidates out there! 🙂 

Sounds interesting?
Try our services for free for 14 days with no credit card required to sign up and a possibility of cancelation at any time! Once you are in the free trial, you can let our team know about your needs in the live chat. We will help you set up and source the best candidates out there!
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