Recruitment Software: How to Choose the Best Recruiting Tool?

In this recruitment software buyers’ guide, you’ll learn how to compare, evaluate and choose the best recruiting tool that will perfectly fit your hiring needs and your budget. We’ll review common recruitment challenges and identify solutions offered by recruiting tools. That way, you’ll know exactly what to look for in your perfect recruitment software! 


Need a recruitment tool?

Recruitment software has many benefits. It is a specialized tool for HR professionals and recruiters, designed to help them find and hire top candidates faster, easier and cheaper. 

According to a recent GetApp survey:


Whether you are looking to buy your first recruitment tool, or you are an experienced recruitment software user looking for a better tool with more features, you’ve come to the right place. 

This guide will help you compare, evaluate and choose the best recruitment software that perfectly fits your need and budget! 

➡️ If you’re in a hurry, simply download the Checklist of Features Every Modern Recruiting Software Should Have and read it when you get the time.

The problem with choosing the best recruitment software

There are many different types of recruitment software on the market. Two most common types are the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and Recruitment Marketing Software, but there are also specialized sourcing tools and candidate relationship management tools. 


There are also many recruitment software that offer a combination of these types. As if this is not enough to create confusion within a buyer’s mind, there are also many vendors out there. 

Thus, it comes as no surprise that many buyers are confused and not quite sure what to choose. They are struggling with questions such as: 

“Which recruiting tool should I buy? Do I need a Recruitment Marketing Software or ATS?”

How to choose the best recruiting tool?

Luckily, there is a proven method for choosing the best recruitment software. First of all, you need to know that there is no perfect recruitment software per se. “Perfect” recruitment software is the one that perfectly fits your hiring needs.

Thus, there are 3 key steps in choosing your perfect recruitment software:

Step 1: Define your key recruitment challenges

The first step in choosing your perfect recruitment software is identifying your recruiting goals and challenges.

Step 2: Identify needed recruitment software’s features

The second step in choosing your perfect recruitment software is identifying features offered by recruitment software which can help you resolve your biggest recruiting challenges.

Step 3: Finding recruitment software which offers features you need

Third, and final step in choosing your perfect recruitment software is finding a recruitment software which offers the right combination of all the features you need. If you find a few vendors who fit your needs, you need to compare and evaluate them in order to make the right pick. 

Common recruitment challenges and solutions offered by recruitment software

Here is the list of common recruitment challenges and solutions offered by recruitment software. Find your challenges and discover what are the must-have features of your perfect recruiting tool!


Challenge #1: “I spend too much time managing applications.”

Recruitment software features you need:

Challenge #2: “I don’t get enough high-quality job applications.”

Recruitment software features you need:

Challenge #3: “I don’t have time to answers to candidates’ emails, much /less to send them engaging email campaigns.”

Recruitment software features you need:

Challenge #4: “I want to be data-driven and excel in hiring analytics!”

Recruitment software features you need:

How to compare and evaluate different recruitment software?

Once you have a list of features your perfect recruiting tool should have, it's’ time to find out which vendors can offer everything you need. 

A great place to start are specliazied review sites such as Software World. Check out their list of the Top 10+ Recruitment Software In 2020!

Recruitment software top list

When you find at least three of recruitment software that seem like a good choice for your company, you need to compare and evaluate them in order to choose the one that best fit your needs and your budget. How to do it?

If you’re an experienced recruitment software user

If you already have experience in using recruitment software tools, your best option is to take advantage of a free trial. Try out your top 3 recruitment tools which offer all the features you need for a week or two in order to make an informed decision. That way, you’ll be able to compare and evaluate competing recruitment software from the first-hand experience.

If you’re looking for your first recruiting tool

If you’ve never used a recruitment tool before, it's better for you to opt for a free demo. Most vendors offer a free live demo session with their sales experts who will show you exactly how to use their recruitment software. Take this opportunity and ask everything you want to know! It will be easier for you to decide once you have a real experience of using a certain recruitment software. 

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2024 Guide to Buying a Recruiting Tool

2024 Guide to Buying a Recruiting Tool

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