Top 5: Ways To Help You Attract Passive Candidates

Being able to successfully attract passive candidates could be considered as a highly successful strategy for hiring, considering today’s competitive job market. Since there is a high demand for experts across various fields, companies and ready to go that extra mile to hire the best talent. But sometimes, being ready doesn't necessarily mean being successful at the attempt of gathering the best people for the team. That is why passive candidates represent extra value for organizations that are constantly on the lookout for high quality candidates.


However, attracting the talent that is currently satisfied with the job they have and isn’t looking for a change can be a difficult task. Besides the strategic aspects that you can work on, there are several elements in which your recruitment software will make a big difference and simplify your work significantly. 

Active vs Passive Candidates active vs. passive candidats linkedin

For that reason, we created a list of 5 most important technological aspects that are important for attracting passive candidates. Keep reading the blog and become an expert in attracting this specific and challenging group of candidates!

5 Ways in Which Technology Helps You Attract Passive Candidates

Having a powerful recruitment tool became a competitive advantage for HR departments worldwide for numerous reasons. When it comes to attracting passive candidates, it is impossible to omit the impact of recruitment software in the process. For that reason, we are opening our list with 5 most prominent ways in which your recruitment software will help you attract great passive candidates. 

AI-powered Sourcing Tool 

The introduction of AI technology in recruitment created a lot of opportunities for faster and more efficient hiring. In addition to potentially increasing the speed of hiring, the recruitment process gained in its quality. Thanks to AI, your recruitment software helps you attract passive candidates by automatically targeting them on social media

More specifically, by using AI technology for recruitment marketing efforts, you can leverage AI-powered Boolean string builder for multiple platforms such as LinkedIn, GitHub, Stack Overflow, Twitter, and Dribble. This way you can implement parameters that are important for sourcing specific candidates and make sure that the tool will make a comprehensive targeting of every relevant candidate.

Create Talent Networks

Talent Networks are another great way of targeting passive candidates. Via Talent Networks, you can create groups of relevant candidates (candidates being everyone whose contacts you possess) and create ways of constant communication in which you could share new opportunities at your company, news from the organization, or any relevant information that might work towards attracting them to apply for a position at your company. This way of targeting the candidates helps you spread relevant messages and creates more meaningful relationships which ultimately reflects on their desire to join your organization eventually. Just by simply keeping in touch with everyone who previously applied for a position at your company, or giving you their contact information for the benefit of employment, you can keep your candidates constantly up to date with the news and employment possibilities and have multiple ready-to-hire candidates on the side. 

Organize Your Work and Time

By using a well-organized ATS, you can create a unique candidate database where all information regarding every candidate that ever applied for a job at your company, are well organized and stored, your work becomes more efficient and impactful! The way that such software helps you in organizing your work is by enabling you to automatically keep track of interactions with candidates on different communication channels (email, SMS, phone calls, social media messages, LinkedIn Inmail…).

All your interactions with each candidate will be automatically documented in one place, enabling you to reach out to the right candidate at the right time. In the case of passive candidates, this becomes particularly important because you are dealing with people that didn’t explicitly apply for your company in a recent job ad, but the ones that might be from far back in the past and forgotten, or someone who you might have sourced via your ATS.

It is less likely that you will remember these candidates all on your own every once in a while to pick up where you left off. By having the possibility to automatically store all your previous interactions on any channel and look back into some feedback or comments you gave them in the past, you can become more successful at guiding and persuading them to join your company. 

Built-in Templates

Not only that you can automatically save and organize all previous interactions with your candidates, but you can make sure to perform all your communication in a standard way, making sure you won’t miss out on any important information from each and every one of them. Instead of manually writing all your emails, you can create templates and send personalized SMS or email campaigns to all your active or passive candidates

Since in this article, we focus on passive candidates it is important to mention that making sure you have a personalized email with relevant content for all of them, helps establish better relationships and ensures higher candidate engagement. 

Valuable Analytics

Detailed campaign analytics are here for numerous things when it comes to the recruitment industry. By being able to summarize large numbers of candidates that applied for numerous positions and across a longer period of time, recruiters can become more aware of the trends, make predictions, and ultimately become better at hiring. Tracking delivery, open and click rates, specially crafted analytics for your talent networks, or any statistics related to the state of the job market, has a significant impact on the recruiter's success. Therefore, checking which candidates are engaged the most by tracking campaign delivery, open and click rates, or seeing which email resonated the best with a specific group of candidates (in this case we are talking only about passive candidates) can be extremely helpful when hiring for a newly opened position.

Finally, there are plenty of tips available out there talking about the strategic aspects of recruiting passive talent, but our first advice is: to check your tools and all recruitment technology prior to creating any strategy. By learning how to use a recruitment tool, not only that you can shorten the hiring process, but we also saw now that you can become better at attracting passive candidates as well! 

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