How to Use Employer Brand to Reach and Attract Talent With Tech Skills

Ivan Cubela | 3/28/2016 | Tutorials

There is only one chance to make a first impression, which can decide on someone's failure or success. On company-level, this concept has even greater effect. This is why good employer branding is the key to a successful representation of your company, and an important way for reaching and attracting talent with technical skills or any other hard-to-fill roles. It acts like your business card but in a much wider sense. With competition nowadays, you want to make sure to represent your culture, values, personality and work ethics the best way possible for the world to see. This guide is here to help you with that. 

How to Use Employer Brand to Reach and Attract Talent With Tech Skills

What are the benefits of a strong Employer Brand?

First of all, good employer branding will help you immensely to stand out and get more attention. Employer branding statistics have proven that this strategy is one of the most successful ones for attracting talent. This creates chances to get access to a wider audience and influencers while attracting top talents and retaining Millennials in the workplace

  • Stand out and get more attention
  • Access to a wider audience and influencers
  • Attracting and retaining top talents

 There are numerous ways to attract tech talent, and if you are struggling with that, start building a stronger employer brand today!

What is my employer brand? 

Your employer brand is the appearance of your company. Try to take an objective look at it and find out what impression you would get when getting in contact for the first time. Also, try to get some feedback to see if the vision of your company matches the message you are trying to spread. 

How to create the best employer brand for yourself?

Adjust. This means that first of all, you have to be clear about your target audience. For tech companies, for example, these are developers, programmers, etc. When you know that, do your homework: Find out what tech talent expects from employers. This way you can adapt your company brand and raise your chances for a greater response. 

Leave no space for misconceptions or questions, i.e. give as many relevant information as possible. Everyone who comes into contact with your company must be able to understand your concept and find the information they need. At the same time, be careful not to overwhelm with unnecessary information.

Enhance your advantages. This is crucial for good employer branding and making your company stand out. If the offered compensation is not extraordinary, accentuate your work policy which leaves much space for growing and learning or flexible working hours and a pleasant working environment. One of the ways to improve your selection is to create your own candidate persona. This will give you perfect picture of what you are looking for out there.

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How to attract top technical talent?

Here goes the same rule as on the previous one: First of all, adapt your recruitment marketing activities to the requests of your target group. 

However, there are some requirements that are generally preferred, non-physical aspects such as:

  • Personal growth. This can be achieved by providing access to specialized conferences, trainings etc.
  • Adequate management especially important for tech candidates who need a superior who understands the topic and is able to give concrete information.
  • A unique product. Do you have a new and exciting product? Great! A lot of candidates love to get challenged and being able to show what they can do.
  • Physical workspace characteristics. A pleasant and stimulating workspace with adequate tools and equipment along with amenities like free drinks is always a plus.

Lastly, let´s look at the general key factors for good employer branding and attracting top tech talents: 

  • Good and fair relations with existing and future employees. A loyal and satisfied employee will always bring you advantages and a good working climate shows instinctively.
  • Fairness and credibility. If you promote yourself in a certain way, make sure to keep what you promised and claim to stand for. Be consistent in your work ethics. This makes a desirable employer. 
  • Motivating and different. A motivating and visionary employer who gives a chance to achieve something completely new very often beats an attractive salary. 

Recruitment marketing tool for a stronger employer brand

Recruiting software, particularly recruitment marketing tools, are many modern recruiters' favorite tools for finding and attracting the best talent. Since talent acquisition is becoming harder and harder every year, many HR professionals say that their jobs have become unimaginable without a help of a recruitment marketing tool.

Solutions offered by a recruitment marketing tool are numerous, and choosing one is not an easy task. The very fist, and most important step is to identify your recruiting goals and challenges before buying a recruiting software.

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