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Top 6 recruitment jokes

Here are our top 11 recruiting and hiring jokes:

Recruitment joke #1

I wanted to be a barber, but I just couldn’t cut it. 

Then I tried working at Nike and just couldn’t do it anymore. 

Finally, I became a maze designer. Now I get completely lost in my work. 

Recruitment joke #2

Why did the elephant got rejected for a job? His qualifications were completely irrelephant.

And why did koala get the job? She had all the necessary koalafications.

Recruiting joke

Recruitment joke #3: 

A man comes for a lumberjack's recruitment interview:

Recruiter: Do you have any experience as a lumberjack, sir?

Man: Yes, I used to work in the desert.

Recruiter: But there are no trees in the desert!

Man: There are no trees... anymore, sir.

Recruitment joke #4

A candidate is being interviewed for a police officer position:

Recruiter: What would you do if you had to arrest your own mother?

Candidate: Call for backup.

Recruitment joke #5

Recruiter: What is your main weakness?
Candidate: My main weakness would be my issues with reality, sometimes I can’t tell what’s real and what’s not.
Recruiter: And what are your strengths?
Candidate: I'm Batman.

Recruitment joke #6 

Recruiter: Why did you leave your last job? 

Candidate: The company relocated to the office and forgot to tell me where it is. 

Recruitment joke #7 

What is the most common job amongst spiders?

Web designer.

Hiring jokes

Recruitment joke #8 

Why did the Invisible Man turn down the job offer?

He couldn't see himself doing it.

Recruitment joke #9 

Recruiter: What drives you? 

Candidate: The bus mostly.

Recruiter: I mean what motivates you to get out of bed in the morning?

Candidate: Missing the bus!

Recruitment joke #10 

A guy goes to Ikea for a job interview...

Recruiter: Welcome sir, nice to have you. Please assemble that chair over there and take a seat.

Black humor, anyone? 

Job security in the 21st century.

(That’s the whole joke.)

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