Best of HR eBooks: September 2018

Kristina Martic | Recruiting | Best HR Blogs | SMBs HR | October 24, 2018

This list of 5 best HR eBooks published in September 2018 will get you up to date with the latest trends and insights in Human Resources. If you’re an HR professional looking for a stimulating read, these eBooks are your perfect choice.


Best of HR eBooks in September 2018

We really love finding interesting, educational and entertaining content about Human Resources

In September 2018 we scoured the web and read many great eBooks that cover the latest HR trends, insights and useful information for HR professionals. 

Here is our selection of the top 5 HR eBooks published in September 2018. 

In these eBooks you will learn:

So make yourself a nice cup of coffee or tea, sit down, relax and enjoy your reading! ☕ 📚 🤓! 

How To Creatively And Effectively Communicate Your Employer Brand



Piktochart and Bonusly

About this eBook

Piktochart and Bonusly have put together an insightful guide of communicating your employer brand jam-packed inspirational examples

Included are also 11 employer branding templates that’ll help your organization put its best foot forward!

Why should you read this eBook?

This eBook will help you:

Employee Happiness Index 2018




About this eBook

The result of Benify’s annual employee and HR survey is finally here! To put together their groundbreaking index, Bonify surveyed over 20,000 employees and HR leaders across 

The resulting data sets new benchmarks for today’s employers looking to increase traction, save costs and raise business performance.

Why should you read this eBook:

This is a great read for everyone asking themselves questions like: 

How to Make a Phenomenal Health and Wellness Program




About this eBook

If you don’t have a health and wellness initiative at your company, you’ve certainly heard about them - workplace wellness programs are on the rise in 2018.
But is all the hype worth it? 

We’re inclined to say yes. And not just because of a monetary return that your business will gain from offering employee wellness initiatives. A quality health and wellness program will encourage your employees to find more happiness in their careers as well.

Why should you read this eBook?

Read this eBook to learn:

Engaging Millennials in the Workplace



Benefit One USA

About this eBook

Engaging the Millennials in the workplace is crucial for the employers. They will form the 75% part of the workforce by 2030. In this regard, organizations cannot afford to ignore their demands. 

Organizations are experiencing the tension when it comes to attracting, engaging and leading the Millennials. By learning what motivates the Millennials, employers can make them feel part of the company and inspire these future leaders.

Why should read this eBook?

In this eBook you will learn:

6 New Ways to Boost Your Benefits Strategy

Best-HR-eBook-September-6 New-Ways-to-Boost-Your-Benefits-Strategy-Reward-Gateway


Reward Gateway

About this eBook

As an HR professional, showcasing and centralizing your benefits can be a tough task. But in this handy eBook, you’ll learn not just one, but 26 new ways to boost your benefits strategy and ensure a more engaged workforce.

Why should read this eBook?

Because you'll learn: 

Best of the best HR eBooks in September 2018

Which one among these 5 Ebooks did you find most useful and interesting

What other great HR eBooks have you read lately? 🤓 

Best of the best HR blogs and eBooks in October 2018

If you come across a great HR eBook or a blog post during October (or you’ve written one - don’t be shy 😊) - let us know! 

We’d love to check it out and maybe even feature it our next month’s “Best of the HR blogs/eBooks in October 2018” blog post! 🙂

Special bonus for bookworms! 

If you're looking for more great eBooks, check out our top list of the Best HR Books You Should Add to Your List Right Now!

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A Complete Guide: Diversity in the Workplace

A Complete Guide: Diversity in the Workplace

Download this guide to learn everything you need to know about workplace diversity & how to make your workplace more inclusive!
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