9 Ways to Make an Organization Talent-Worthy

The talent won’t find its way if an organization does not appear talent-worthy. The organization must rank high on any list of places where people want to work. Here are 9 highly effective ways to make your organization talent-worthy.


Why should you make your organization talent-worthy?

The talent won’t find its way if an organization does not appear talent-worthy. The organization must rank high on any list of places where people want to work.  

Recruiting efforts need that foundation if they are to increase their access to and assessment of talent. The organization that hires as vacancies arise can probably survive

But, organizations that seek to grow, enrich, and change the world need to do more.
To find and hire the right people for their company, they need to: 

  1. Become a pro at talent scouting and approach passive candidates
  2. Use great recruiting strategies to attract top talent attention
  3. Captivate candidates with their magnetic Employee Value Proposition
  4. Ask the best job interview questions
  5. Provide an excellent candidate experience

All those recruiting tasks become easier and more successful when the company has a talent-worthy reputation.

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What “talent” means to organizations?

A talent is a form of currency. It is a means to achieve treasure and wealth. It refers to the best and most desirable in people.

To some extent, talent is found in knowledge, skills, and abilities attached to a specific job. But, that’s a sign of accumulation, not an application.

Hiring the best talent by finding the right fit involves more factors than identifying performers and high-potential employees. Most workers do the job that they sign on for, the daily work outlined in their job description. But, talent is larger than competence and compliance.

In business, non-profit, NGO, government organizations pressed for success, “talent” has come to mean “crucial and critical” to the organization’s goals and objectives.

How to make your organization talent-worthy?

So how can you make your organization talent-worthy?
Here are 9 ways to do it: 


#1 Clarify core values  

Contemporary talent values organizational commitments to community, integrity, transparency, and more. Talented people identify with values that will make them happy and fulfilled. 

But, somewhere in the process, they must understand how their specific abilities and behaviors align with those core values. 

#2 Build brand 

Talented people are eager to connect with quality brands. There is pride in the association.

But, they anxiously pursue those organizations where brand evokes values. They want to fit and belong, and a recruiting project must make that possibility real and comfortable.

#3 Update recruiting 

Social media has altered recruiting. An organization must present itself in contemporary ways with vivid photographs, videos, slideshows, and content copy that captures talent at work.

And, it must be accessible from mobile devices. 

#4 Optimize technology  

Talent loses patience with legacy approaches. A much-admired employer is up to date with new tech trends and uses technology to reach talent and offer mobile accessibility to applicants.

Thus, emerging tech trends deserve some research and adoption. 

#5 Subsidize transformation 

Talent is not stationary. It finds personal satisfaction in continuing education and transforming experiences. Employers-of-choice recruit talent with promises of potential.

#6 Emphasize deliverables 

Talent enjoys work if it is effective, meaningful, and satisfying. Talent submits to the work instead of watching clocks.

So, location, office, and amenities mean less than the chance to innovate, create, and challenge.

#7 Demonstrate diversity 

Arising talent assumes there are values in diversity. They don’t question its value, but they notice its absence.

Talent lies in diversified cultures, locations, and experiences. So, organizations must demonstrate how diversity aligns with organizational goals.

#8 Communicate culture 

Talent wants a place, but “place” means more than location. Organizations that do not sustain its efforts to build and improve culture lack interest.

Talent values collaboration, respect, and rewards based on contribution and much as performance.

#9 Promote thought leadership 

Organizations should lead with their leadership. Recognized leaders and their public exposure can attract talent.

With everyone transparent thanks to social media, organizations are smart to promote the character and reputation of their leadership.

Make an organization talent-worthy

Positioning an organization as talent-worthy captures the public interest and the talent the organization needs to make a difference.

Organizations seek quality contributions from people who are willing to transform themselves and the organization for the better.

In practical terms, this requires strategic and creative recruiting initiatives to find and cultivate the talented people who share their quality experience with higher goals.

About the author

Louis Carter, MA is the author of over 10 books on best practices in leadership and management including Change Champion's Field Guide and Best Practices in Talent Management. He is one of the top advisors to C-level executives - helping them and their organizations achieve measurable results.

Carter is the recipient of ELearning! Magazine's Trailblazer Award, HR Tech Conference's Top Products Award, and Leadership Excellence Magazine's Best in Leadership Development for his work as Chairman and CEO of Best Practice Institute.

He received his MA in Social/Organizational Psychology from Columbia University.

Louis Carter

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