Top 5 Ways to Craft a Job Post that Will Stand Out

Writing an outstanding job post that will stand out is not easy. Human resource management practices have changed over time with the advent of technology and the establishment of online recruitment platforms.


Writing job posts that stand out 

Companies, both big and small can now use various different strategies and types of content in their job posts in order to attract the best candidates.

There are rules to be followed especially for Human Resource (HR) managers when drafting that job post for people to apply. It is important for employers and recruiters to make sure that their job posts stand out and attract highly qualified applicants.

How to write an effective job post?

The work of writing quality job posts can be outsourced to an article writing service. With the increasing competition for the best minds in the market, HR managers should look for new ways of posting jobs that stand out

The main objective here is to get noticed and be appealing to the would-be applicants. This can only happen if the job post stands out from the rest of the industry. Employees keep changing employers after serving for some time.

This implies that there is always a lot of talented individuals seeking for a job. Therefore, it is important to win the attention of such in order to recruit the right people. In that case, here are important ways to go about it:

writing job posts that stand out

5 tips for writing a job post that attracts candidates

1.Write a genuine job title

Looking at recruitment trends in 2019, attention-winning job titles have encouraged many people to click on a job post. However, the strategy for acquiring that talent should be based on substance and a realistic job title.

Where possible, your job title should be standard because candidates tend to do a search based on that. Any job title that will be offbeat tends to undermine the credibility of your job post especially among talented candidates who consider their next move very seriously.

2.Make detailed job description

Clear job descriptions have proven to improve candidate's experience. Your job description should be as clear as possible. With the many options that candidates have, there is a chance that they will shy away from anything that does not have clarity. Therefore, make the expectations and responsibilities of your vacancy very clear.

Looking at the adverts that attracted a high number of candidates, those with clear-cut job descriptions took the lead. Ensure there is clarity on salary expectations, performance objectives and any additional benefits that come with that position. Make it open, otherwise, no one will waste their time on something they are not sure about.

This is the anatomy of a well-written job description:

job post that stand out

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3.Speak about your brand

Give the candidates a reason to apply to the job posting. In that case, it should say something about your Employer Brand. It should provide some excitement and color as a sign of a good and positive culture that the successful candidate will walk into. Along with the roles and responsibilities, applicants should know the environment in which such is to be implemented.

There are many Employer Branding ideas you can use to attract the right people to your company.

4.Highlight the application process

Details to the process of application should be provided and made simple at the same time. To encourage the many to apply, a “one-click” online application process would be the best way to go. A complex recruitment process will likely make many people shy off. You can make use of an Applicant Tracking System and Recruitment Marketing platforms that will allow the candidates to make an application with a simple document such as their resume or a professional online profile like LinkedIn.

5. Get the job post a full mobile functionality

Technology is moving fast and web-based solutions are now being adapted to function on mobile platforms. There has been a notable increase in mobile web use among the millennials hence the need to make sure that the job post is mobile friendly.

Therefore, the job post efforts should be optimized for mobile platforms in order to encourage a high response from the many people who are now using mobile gadgets for online services.

How to write awesome job posts: Recap

Importance of writing great job posts

Job posts need more resources and time to get them right and ensure that they stand out from the common ones as found in the market. To get the right minds, crafting a job post must be taken seriously. It is important to put across a strong image of the organization in order to get quality candidates to help you turn your attention to hiring the most suitable person for the job.

A lot of things come to play when you want your job post to get noticed and responded to by the right candidates you are looking for. However, it must begin with the way it is presented before search engines like Google can rank it and make it visible to your targets.

About the author

Beverly Lerch is a young freelance writer and a great expert in self-improvement, motivation and productivity. She has many various interests and cannot imagine her life without sport. You can ask her advice on Twitter.

Frequently asked questions

What is the importance of a job posting? 

A job posting is an advertisement aimed at attracting potential candidates by detailing the open position and the benefits offered by the company.

How can a job posting be made to stand out? 

A standout job posting is clear, engaging, and answers key questions about the job, the company, and the application process, effectively attracting high-quality candidates.

What platforms are effective for publishing job postings? 

Publishing on the company's career site, online job boards, and social media career pages are effective strategies to ensure the job posting reaches a wide audience.

How can job postings be promoted effectively? 

Promoting job postings through social media, employee referral programs, newsletters, and industry-specific sites helps reach passive and high-quality candidates.

What tools can assist in job posting and promotion? 

Various HR software tools are available to assist in creating, publishing, and promoting job postings, streamlining the recruitment process.

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