TalentLyft Rated The Top Recruitment Software of 2020!

We are honored to be recognized as the leader in the recruitment technology by our customers and unbiased expert reviewers. Check out all the cool awards and recognition we got lately! 


TalentLyft rated the best recruitment software in 2020!

We’re delighted to announce that TalentLyft has been rated as the 🏆 #1 Top Recruiting & Applications Software product in 2020 by Crozdesk, according to their unbiased ranking methodology! 

Woo-hoo, we are happy and proud! 🥳

Best Recruitment Software award

TalentLyft awards and recognition: A full 2020 list

We have also received many other awards and recognition during the first half of 2020. 

Check out the top 10 awards we’ve won so far in 2020:

Award #1: The industry leader

Crozdesk has also awarded us with an industry leader award, recognizing us as the leader in the HR software industry. 💪

This award is very important to us because we want to make TalentLyft an innovative HR software that offers much more than usual HR and recruitment tools. 

We are very proud to announce that our Data Science team has been working hard on a really exciting project. Soon we'll be rolling out innovative new additions to TalentLyft, such as our AI-powered TalentLyft Smart Assistant 🤓 - and MUCH more! Stay tuned. 

Best Recruitment Software award

Award #2: High performer

Another important recognition of the TalentLyft as a high-quality recruitment software comes from G2, the world's leading B2B software and services review platform. 

G2 Crowd evaluates software providers based on both market presence and customer satisfaction and recognizes high performers.

We are thrilled to receive such an important award, but even more happy about the great user reviews we received! 😊

TalentLyft - Best Recruitment Software award

Award #3: Top rated

TalentLyft also received the prestigious Top Rated Recruitment Software 2020 award by SoftwareWorld, a renowned software review website.

SoftwareWorld creates unbiased lists of the top software solutions by category, based on user satisfaction (reviews & ratings), social media buzz, online presence, and other relevant expert information. 🥇

TalentLyft awards - Best Recruitment Software award

Award #4: Best support

We are especially proud to have won The Best Support award by Software Suggest, a reputable B2B product recommendation and customer review platform.

We pride ourselves on having the best customer support team available 24/7 via email, telephone and in-app chat, so we're thrilled to have received this awesome recognition! 😍

Best Recruitment Software award- TalentLyft awards

Award #5: Happiest users

We are especially excited to share its badge of recognition awarded recently by Crozdesk, a B2B software comparison platform. We’ve suspected this for a while, but now it’s official - TalentLyft users are the happiest recruitment software users! 😁

We have to admit that if we had to choose one single award that made our whole TalentLyft team the happiest, this award would be our choice. We believe that our greatest success is having talented HR professionals and recruiters using - and loving - our tool. 🥰

Best Recruitment Software award - TalentLyft awards

Award #6: Most affordable

TalentLyft has also been recognized as one of the most affordable ATS software by Capterra, the leading online resource for business software buyers. Capterra features validated user reviews and independent research across hundreds of software categories.

According to the user reviews, TalentLyft is “extremely affordable”. TalentLyft pricing starts at $99 a month, including all features and an unlimited number of users. 💰

This recognition is very important to us. We created TalentLyft because we wanted to offer an innovative recruitment software with pro features that could be affordable for SMBs. Mission completed! 🚀 

Best Recruitment Software - TalentLyft awards

Award #7: Best value

Now it’s official - we offer the best value for the money! 💰

When we started TalentLyft, we wanted to create a recruitment software just like the ones enterprise companies use - but available to SMBs as well. This wasn’t easy - but we made it happen. 💪

This has been recognized by the Software Suggest who awarded us the Best Value award. We’ve won because TalentLyft offers pro features with an unlimited number of candidates and an unlimited number of users for only $99 per month! 😮

Best Recruitment Software - TalentLyft awards

Award #8: Most popular

Did you know that TalentLyft is also Mr. Popular? 😎 SaaSworthy has recognized TalentLyft as one of the Most Popular Applicant Tracking System software on the market.  

We’ve put in a lot of hard work (and sweat and even tears, t be completely honest, but also a lot of enthusiasm and positive energy that helped us overcome all the obstacles) to create a great recruitment software, provide the best customers support and offer all this for affordable pricing.

We believe these are the key reasons why TalentLyft is so popular - people recognize our effort and results. 

Best Recruitment Software - TalentLyft awards

Award #9: Most searched

TalentLyft has also been named as one of the Most Searched for Recruitment Software, according to a SaaSworthy ranking. 

The SW Score ranks the products based on the wisdom of the crowds, the features offered by the product, the user's ratings, social media presence, web presence, and the growth velocity.

We are happy to receive this award as it is clear evidence and confirmation that we’re generating a lot of interest and getting more buzz every day - and we’re just getting started! 🙂

Best Recruitment Software - TalentLyft awards

We couldn’t make it without you - thank you!

We’re thrilled, happy and proud to have won all these awards! 😊 We worked really hard to make TalentLyft the best recruitment software in the world. It's so wonderful to receive so much love and recognition. However, we’re humble and aware that we’re just getting started. 

We’ll continue listening to our wonderful customers and adding exciting, new features based on their suggestions and requests. We enjoy creating innovative solutions to make HR professionals’ lives easier and helping them provide the best possible candidate experience. This is what we love to do. ❤️

We are happy to have such amazing talent leaders using our tool. You inspire us to be better and continuously improve. We couldn't make it without you - thank you for believing in us. We’ll keep making you proud - we promise. 🤗

About TalentLyft

TalentLyft is the world's most complete, award-winning recruitment software for SMBs. It offers all the features you need to find, attract, engage and hire top candidates. If you're looking for affordable full-stack recruitment software that integrates Applicant Tracking System, Recruitment Marketing, Sourcing, Talent CRM and Analytics solution under one powerful platform - look no further.

TalentLyft - all in one recruitment software

Beginners love TalentLyft because it is intuitive and easy to use. Pro recruiters adore it because of its powerful, advanced features. Implementing TalentLyft takes under 2 weeks. Best rated, dedicated customer support is available 24/7 via email, in-app chat and phone. 

TalentLyft was created with ❤️ by a bunch of tech and people geeks who want to make recruitment easier, faster and more fun - both for HR teams and candidates.

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2024 Guide to Buying a Recruiting Tool

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