Hiring in Time of Coronavirus: How Can TalentLyft Help?

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Coronavirus and its impact on the recruitment industry

The spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) over the last few weeks has led to a worldwide pandemic. More and more people are affected as each day passes and no-one knows when this will stop. 😷

In these troubling times, HR professionals and recruiters around the world are losing sleep over the same questions:

”Will the coronavirus slow down an already slow hiring process? Will there be layoffs and hiring freezes? How will all this impact the job market and recruitment in 2020 and beyond?”

There is no way to tell how disastrous the final effect of the coronavirus crisis will be. However, it is reasonable to predict that the coronavirus outbreak will have a serious impact on the global economy, leaving businesses around the world devastated.

These are definitely extremely difficult times for all of us. However, here at TalentLyft, we believe that each crisis is an opportunity for growth, especially if we work through these uncertain times together. 💪

So, let’s see what are the crucial coronavirus challenges and how we can mitigate their impact on your hiring process together! 🙂

Top 4 recruitment challenges caused by coronavirus pandemic

We already executed an in-depth analysis of the impact of coronavirus on recruitment and warned about the 5 key recruitment challenges caused by a coronavirus

Here we will provide only a short recap of these challenges and explain how TalentLft can help you successfully tackle each one of them.

Challenge #1: Hiring suspended; layoffs started

Most companies are cutting back on hiring due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. Instead, they are firing the existing ones. The first rounds of layoffs have already started

Challenge #2: Difficulties getting applications

WaveTrackR’s data has reported a 47% reduction of applications on average across all industries in February 2020. This reduction is expected to grow even more over the next few months.

Challenge #3: High volume hiring for certain positions

Coronavirus caused a huge, 75% spike in demand for cleaning workers, according to the online jobs marketplace ZipRecruiter. Healthcare jobs have also spiked by 35% in March 2020, as reported by LinkedIn.

Challenge #4: Full digitization of the recruitment process

With so many professionals being locked into their homes because of coronavirus, the companies need to fully digitize each step of their hiring process ASAP!

Challenge #5: Switching to in-house recruiting

Many businesses are being negatively affected by coronavirus so they’re cutting down their expenses. This is why many companies will have to switch from agency to in-house recruitment.

How can TalentLyft help?

How can TalentLyft help you navigate the coronavirus crisis? To tackle any of these 5 aforementioned recruitment challenges caused by the coronavirus pandemic, you’ll need simple, powerful and affordable software (such as TalentLyft, wink-wink 😉).

TalentLyft is an all-in-one recruitment software, the most comprehensive one in the current market. It offers pro features for an affordable price.

TalentLyft offers everything you and your hiring team will ever need, including:

  1. Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

  2. Recruitment Marketing Platform

  3. Talent CRM

  4. Powerful sourcing solution

  5. Advanced hiring analytics.

➡️ If you’re already using one or more recruitment tools, consider switching to TalentLyft and save money! Cancel all your tech stack - TalentLyft is all you need.

➡️ If you’ve never used recruitment software before, don’t worry - TalentLyft is very intuitive and user-friendly. 

A special offer: 3-month FREE plan!

To help out those who were hit hardest with the coronavirus crisis, we prepared a special offer for hospitality and healthcare providers (including primary, emergency and urgent care providers):

➡️ You can have TalentLyft up and running in 10 days (or less!) and use it completely for FREE during the next 3 months!

💡 We’re giving away FREE 3-month TalentLyft subscriptions to new users (healthcare and hospitality providers) from areas affected by a coronavirus, so act quickly* and GET YOUR FREE SUBSCRIPTION NOW!

*This offer is valid until the end of July. 

Let’s get through the coronavirus crisis together!

If you are looking to cut down on your recruiting costs, TalentLyft is your best option.

If you’re a healthcare or hospitality provider, we’re offering you to use TalentLyft completely for FREE during the next 3 months. 

You can switch to an affordable paid option (only $49/month) later on.

Turn this unfortunate situation into a very fortunate one. Let’s do this together. 💪

We’d love to help you out and become your new favorite recruitment tool and trusted partner! 🙂

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