The Benefits of In-house Recruiting

In-house recruiting is one of the most popular ways of filling newly opened positions. The reason for that is that your current employees are already familiar with the company's culture, mission and vision. Similarly, you are already familiar with their characteristics, and you know if they have a description of your ideal candidate for the new position. Therefore, before starting to look outside your company, try with in-house recruiting. 


What are the benefits of in-house recruiting?

There is this proverb which goes something like: Cannot see the forest for the trees, or maybe, cannot see tree for the forest, I am not quite sure. As we are putting so much effort into sourcing stars from the market, we are not aware that we have our own star.

Ideally, we have a company, we have talents, and we have a talent pipeline. We invest time, money and energy into our talents, so that one day they become something more, for their sake and for our sake.  And that is just fine. 

Therefore, we source stars, we model talents, and that is pretty much it. Done. 

What we are missing is to find a way to overlap the aforementioned, and to, therefore, come to a situation to source our talent. This doesn’t even have to involve the talent from the pipeline story. It can be a colleague who was successful in leading one department (e.g. IT), but has a wide range of knowledge and skills which can help him to perform great at some other department (e.g. operations).

If we were taught to source externally, let’s see how we would do it internally. 

It is almost the same – but it is completely different.  

The beauty of in-house sourcing is in the fact that you have an established person, greatly integrated into the team, one who functions perfectly within the company culture

You have a man who proved to be loyal, dedicated and who has everything required to be even better, faster and more advanced, and not only him, but all of his colleagues, and company as well. It is a win-win situation.

You don’t have to haunt him, you do not have to promise him wonders, nor you have to overpay him or bargain a lot. Well, of course you are going to give him something, but the approach is different. 

That man is your colleague. You are a part of the family, part of the team. You will happily offer him a new chance; explain to him why that is good for him and how he benefits through his development, and how the company will benefit, too. 

You don’t have to tell him the stories about how great it is to work for you – he already knows it, and he already thinks that. 

The new position will be presented to him in a best possible way - as an opportunity to grow, as a challenge.

 You will realise that he feels a bit of fear and you will admit to him that you are also afraid. But, if he is willing to risk – you are too, and company also. 

You will encourage him to accept a new challenge, because it is ideal for him. He will show you his full potential, and then, the sky is the limit. 

Compensational packages and additional benefits are to be the last things you are going to discuss, as they are really the least important. What is more important is that you recognised him – your man. And you gave priority to him over shiny imported ones. 

Because he is yours, you modelled him. He is loyal and he has been trying hard, and now somebody recognised it. That is his biggest reward and the strongest push he, you and the company could get. 

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