6 Traits of a Successful Recruiter [INFOGRAPHIC]

Kristina Martic | 3/15/2018 | Recruiting

There are 6 key traits that every successful recruiter has, and we have put them all into one inforgraphic!

6 Traits of a Successful Recruiter [INFOGRAPHIC]

6 traits of a successful recruiter [INFOGRAPHIC]

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6 traits of a successful recruiter

Successful recruiters are

1. Proactive

successful recruiters are proactive

Gone is the time when you could post your job opening on a job board and wait for a great candidate to come to you. Successful recruiters don't wait for a new position to open to start looking for talent.

They constantly build their talent pools and always have access to great candidates. 

2. Empathetic

empathy successful recruiter

Successful recruiters think about the candidates and their candidate personas. They know their needs, wants and fears. They work to build strong relationships with current and potential future job candidates. 

3. Tech Savy

tech savy successful recruiters

Successful recruiters are not afraid of technology. They understand the benefits of using HR tools, and they love using them themselves. HR Tech is a great way for optimizing, streamlining and improving recruiting and hiring strategies. 

4. Social

social recruiters are successful

Successful recruiters understand the benefits of social recruiting! If talent is on Social Media, recruiters should be as well. Unfortunately, many of them still don't know how to promote their Employer Brand on Social Media

5. Analytical

analytical recruiters

Successful recruiters have analytical minds and are proponents of data-driven recruiting! They understand the importance of measuring their hiring success. This way, they can make more informed hiring decisions and improve their hiring efforts. 

6. Creative

creative recruiters are successful

Successful recruiters are creative. They use marketing strategies to attract talent and promote their reputation and Employer Brand. Creative recruiters are familiar with the newest recruiting trends such as Recruitment Marketing and Inbound Recruiting

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