TalentLyft’s Journey Towards Talent Acquisition Transformation

When TalentLyft was created, we thought we had a winner! We thought we could transform the world of talent acquisition. Luckily, we decided to let our users give it a try and decide themselves about its potential to make a game changing recruiting experience. For some of them, TalentLyft truly was a solution to all of their problems- the real game changer! But for some, we were still not delivering that perfect recruiting solution. With the release of our new product (and name), our mission is to, with everything we do, help you find and hire best job candidates.   


Why the new name?

As the time was passing, we continued to be more and more convinced about our ability to become a game changer in the world of talent acquisition. 

Finally, we decided to change our name into something that would reflect the improvement and powerfulness of the new version of our software. We wanted the name to sound as powerful as we felt about our team, our product and its capabilities for solving the biggest problems of talent acquisition. 

We find, pick up and bring talent to companies. We help them build their teams and grow. This is the meaning of our new name: TalentLyft!

Thanks, TalentLyfters!

So let me start by thanking all of you, TalentLyft users, for every single insight you have given us. Without those critics, suggestions and compliments, we wouldn’t be proudly introducing our new product today.

You guys have helped us make a big step further in our journey towards the transformation of talent acquisition strategy.  

Things we have learned from You

Since many of you are probably unsure about the ways you have helped us, let me make that clearer.

Talent acquisitions is an ever-changing industry, and it has changed a lot since we launched the first version of our product. Luckily, we knew from the beginning that the best way to stay current and up to date was through your feedback.

I am not kidding when I say that our customers’ feedback is our goldmine! 

We needed to know about what CEOs’, recruiters’ and other HR professionals’ days at work looked like, what did they struggle with, what made them happy, and what made them frustrated and unhappy.

If it wasn’t for you, TalentLyfters, these things would be impossible for us to learn!

From there, we have identified some of the major challenges in the world of talent acquisition, and came up with our first REAL game changer!

Our vision

"Great vision without great people is irrelevant." - Jim Collins

Talking with hundreds of recruiters, we have put together a list of problems and questions many of them kept repeating over and over again:

With the determination to enable our customers to grow with TalentLyft and help them optimize their talent acquisition strategy from start to finish, we have created four powerful products to eliminate the above-mentioned challenges.

Meet the Big Five

Our new version of TalentLyft consists of five modules that deliver unique recruitment solutions including:

With these solutions, we are convinced that we can offer answers to the biggest recruiting and hiring challenges.

"The smartest business decision you can make is to hire qualified people. Bringing the right people on board saves you thousands, and your business will run smoothly and efficiently." - Brian Tracy

Next, I will introduce you to TalentLyft Source, Engage, Convert and Track-- the four products created with the goal to transform the world of talent acquisition. 

TalentLyft Source

TalentLyft Sourcing Solution

The main problem our Source product solves is finding more high-quality applicants. Since this seemed to be one of the biggest recruiting challenges, we were aware of the importance to make it much more powerful.

Our sourcing tools can now extract more information about candidates, which will help you make more informed decisions and find qualified candidates.

Since referrals are known to be the best sources of new hires, we are strongly encouraging you to use our new feature for creating engaging email campaigns for referral programs.

TalentLyft Engage

TalentLyft Talent CRM

Candidate engagement and candidate experience... Two buzzwords everyone is talking about...and they truly are huge game changers in the world of HR.

Our Engage product will enable you to create engaging email campaigns for candidates and applicants. Give them timely and relevant answers to all of their questions, and increase your acceptance rate and employer brand popularity.

TalentLyft Convert

Recruitment Marketing

The Convert product is mostly about your career site and recruitment marketing. If your career site is not converting (meaning you don’t have applicants), this is for a reason…

Content creation and inbound recruiting have become extremely important in converting candidates into applicants. To make the best use of your career site, make it more attractive, write team blogs, introduce your team, show your employee testimonials, and simplify that application form.

In other words... prove people that you are the employer they want to work for!

Recruitment marketing is a big deal in the world of HR. For that reason, a lot of our time and effort to make the product more valuable to you guys, was put towards our recruitment marketing solution.

Now, we want you to use it, and get the very best out of it.   

TalentLyft Track

Applicant Tracking System

Track is our applicant tracking system as well as solution for measuring your hiring effort and strategy. The goal with our ATS has always been to make it as user-friendly as possible, yet functional and useful.

Easily manageable hiring workflow, interview scheduling, location sharing, easy team collaboration, and an amazing database with all the candidates’ rich profiles are all the features our ATS offers.

With it, we promise you won’t ever have to use paper and spreadsheets!

TalentLyft Analytics

Recruitment Analytics

In addition, we were asked to provide a more robust analytics solution, so we have added more hiring metrics you (and your boss) will love!

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Checklist of Features Every Modern Recruiting Software Should Have

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