Influencers' Thoughts About Google Hire

Is Google Hire really going to be a game-changer for the HR and recruiting industry? Reading all the comments and blog posts about Google Hire from experienced HR professionals, I got a little bit confused. Many are not sure about what Google Hire is and what impact will it have on recruiting and HR industry.


What is Google Hire?

Before getting to what this means for your recruitment strategy, it’s important to understand what we’re dealing with. Talking with recruiters and other HR professionals, Google Hire seems to be confusing many HR and talent acquisition professionals.

So, what is Google Hire? Right now, it doesn’t really offer much. If you head to the website (linked above) you’re simply sent to the Google Hire sign in screen. You would think that signing in with your Google Account would work, but no, it doesn’t...at least not yet.

Google Hire’s impact on recruitment strategy

In the past few weeks there has been enormous amount of speculation about what Google Hire might be and what could its impact on recruiting industry be.

Opinions are split-- some are sceptical, some think it’s a great thing, some are scared, some think it’s not possible...

Let’s see what some of the influencers in the HR, recruiting and Tech industry have to say about Google Hire’s influence on recruiting and talent acquisition industry.

Influencers about Google Hire

Matt Charney

So, if today’s official launch of Google Hire, the Mountain View based behemoth’s first foray into the HR Technology industry, causes some sort of cognitive dissonance and disbelief, well, that makes two of us.

Joel Cheesman

“There’s a lot to like about Google Hire but, as I found with a little digging, there’s also a lot of work it needs to do in order to compete with established players in the space.” 

John-Mark Sabel

So are recruiters marketers or salespeople? Up to this point, the debate has shown no sign of stopping. But with Google Hire potentially launching its own job board, the conversation might be changed entirely. 

Nate Dame

Some say Google is taking on LinkedIn and recruiting software providers. Others believe Hire may be the foundation for an invasion of many other verticals (and they’re probably right). While these are all important topics, the most interesting thing about Hire may be its hilariously atrocious technical SEO…

Bo Kai Low

With Google jumping into the recruitment space (again) and with both feet this time, it is shaping up to be an interesting period for everyone involved in recruitment and HR tech. What do you think about Hire and will you be using it when it launches internationally? 

What are your thoughts?

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