TalentLyft Upgrade & Pro Plan Release: Improved Hiring Is Here

Nika Prpic | HR Trends | HR Software | September 01, 2021

What were we working on in the last couple of months? 

Today, we announce our most significant product upgrade since the release of TalentLyft 2.0. With the latest release, we upgraded some of the features in our TalentLyft Starter plan and created a whole new TalentLyft Pro plan to help you further accelerate your hiring!

The past year and a half has been a challenging period for the entire world, including our business. On many occasions, it has been difficult to navigate through the change of suddenly handling all our operations remotely while making sure to keep TalentLyft up and running at all costs. After a bit of stumbling, we rolled up our sleeves and continued with our mission of building the world's leading all-in-one recruitment solution! In that period, our team expanded from a dozen members all up to over 30 dedicated enthusiasts. It was time to get to work!


After long hours of brainstorming and taking all the valuable user feedback into consideration we  figured out the new direction our software should take, and the new advanced TalentLyft Pro plan was born. As we're so proud of all the hard work we did and cannot wait to 'let our baby out to the world,' we decided to write an article demystifying its all disarming features!

This upgrade represents significant improvements in six areas:

  1. Automated actions ensuring all appropriate actions are taken in every step of your hiring process to eliminate menial tasks.

  2. Multiple pipelines that reflect different hiring processes at your company to make your hiring seamless and provide accurate reports!

  3. Custom fields make you more flexible in how you collect and structure candidate information, and can be used for searching and filtering.

  4. Track your candidates' pre-employment status thanks to Pool Pipelines and tailor your communication to nurture their interest in the company.

  5. Improved search experience with refreshed Search and new filters to help you find just the right people in your CRM.

  6. All new notifications to better track your candidates progress in the hiring process.

Introducing TalentLyft Pro

By introducing our new TalentLyft Pro plan, we tackled the most prevalent issues of recruiters' day-to-day efficiency troubles and upgraded our tool to further assist you with everything you need to hire the best candidates effectively.  

Have your hiring process on autopilot! 

With years of experience in building and constantly improving our tool, we wanted to tackle the challenge that remains the most prevalent for most recruiters. That being said - we created automated actions for some of the most repetitive tasks that recruiters need to deal with daily. Basically, the idea was to create "hiring on autopilot."  

When an applicant enters the recruitment process, there are many steps recruiters have to take to hire top talent while providing the best possible candidate experience. To help you stay focused on hiring the best candidate for the job, we developed several automated actions to set up the best process and let the tool do much of the work for you. You can set up a flow that works best for you; automatically schedule emails, add automatic tags and tasks or add and remove candidates from pools depending on their status in the process. Create the process that will assist you in hiring the best talent and eliminate all your repetitive tasks. 

Here are some use cases which will best demonstrate how automated actions can help you become more efficient and ultimately more successful at hiring top talent. 

design pipeline in TalentLyft

Automatically disqualify candidates without creating "enemies"

With hiring pipeline automation, you can strategically plan your communication with candidates by sending predefined automated messages as they reach a particular stage in the hiring process. And by this, we mean that you can set up a disqualification sequence based on why the candidate has been disqualified and send out a relevant email to each candidate depending on why they were disqualified. 

Whether the candidate's application wasn't relevant for the position or didn't provide sufficient answers to the assignment, all these reasons can be predefined, and the right email will be sent. This way, candidates get relevant feedback on their application, and your job becomes much more manageable. 

Add all silver medalists automatically to a pool and build long-lasting relationships

Another essential thing to have in mind is to make the most of your relationship with silver medalists. As the second-best candidates for the job, Silver medalists represent the most relevant group of rejected candidates with whom it is crucial to build relationships for the future. These candidates obviously fit the description of the person you are looking to hire for the job and are probably just a detail away from being the best person for the job.

However, with a lot on their plates, recruiters often entirely neglect this group of almost ready-to-hire candidates. By creating a communication strategy to keep these candidates in the loop for future openings and informed about the news from the company, you could nurture their interest in future possibilities. 

This way, you can track their progress in the pool pipeline and automatically trigger appropriate actions once they enter a specific stage. Later on, pick the fruits of your labor by turning silver medalists into ready to hire candidates!

Engage with candidates from Open Applications

Did you create an initiative to publish open applications hoping to accumulate great talent for the future, but in reality, no one is really checking the applications gathered through these forms? 

By doing so, not only do you lose track of potential great talent, but you are also damaging your company employer brand, having the applicants discouraged from any future interactions. On the other hand, by creating a relevant communication flow for the candidates who submitted a form and letting the automated actions do their own thing, you can maintain communication with everyone who expresses their interest in working for your company. 

From now on, you can have a more strategic approach to your recruitment marketing and leverage different groups of talent by tailoring your communication specifically to their interests and preferences. 

Have your TalentLyft account reflect real-life processes!

Until now, you were able to create one hiring pipeline and have all your candidates go through the same process regardless of the process they've been through in reality. With new Multiple Pipelines, we found a way for you to adjust each process within the TalentLyft and organize your hiring better than ever before. Do you have a position that requires only two steps? Perhaps a specific job only requires filling out an application form and an interview, and another position requires additional interviews and written assessments. Create separate pipelines for each process and make your hiring seamless with accurate reports! 

From now on, you can create reports per pipeline and track the success of each of your hiring processes more accurately. In addition, you can become a better recruiter by testing and trying different approaches when hiring different groups of talent, leading to more knowledgeable decisions on what works and what doesn't.

Hiring pipeline

Create custom fields to assess candidates based on your specific criteria!

Another significant improvement that will be an integral part of our TalentLyft Pro plan is the creation of custom fields! Custom fields allow you to create a universal place where you can store and easily access specific information about a candidate. You can even decide for yourself if you, or the candidate, will be the one filling in the data into the custom field. Recruitment custom fields

Let's say the position you are hiring requires candidates to have a driving license, or you'd like to make sure to check and document each candidate's salary expectations before making an offer. Both of these situations make up a good case for creating a custom field. You can either create a custom question and add it to your application form for candidates to fill it out, or you can create a custom field for you to fill in and organize your database based on the answers gathered from the candidates. 

Ultimately, Custom fields don't just allow you to be flexible in collecting and structuring candidate information but also allow you to use any information for searching and filtering.

That's not all!

Wait for a second, that's not all. We're still not done bragging about all the improvements we've done lately! Besides designing our new features for the upcoming Pro plan, we are happy to say that all our users will enjoy the upgrades to our current features. 

Strategize your communication with candidates thanks to Pool Pipelines

The biggest change to our tool is the new Pool Pipelines, designed to help you build better relationships with the candidates. From now on, you can either choose a predesigned pool pipeline or create your own from scratch. All made to help you tailor the communication to your candidate's needs and nurture their interest in the company. For example, let's say you created an initiative to hire a new generation of students for entry-level positions at the company.

By using pool pipelines, you can nurture their interest from the awareness stage to the ultimate conversion - which in this case stands for hiring. You can create a sequence and send an invitation to an online event that explains what it looks like to work for your company. Once a person has registered for the event, send out an email with more relevant information, a blog post with experiences from other employees, or some relevant company news. Regardless of what type of content you decide to send out to your candidates, from now on, you can be more strategic in your communication and track its progress through various predefined stages. 

Refreshed Search and new notifications keep you on top of all your tasks

Besides the new pool pipelines, we also refreshed our Search and added new filters to help you perform a more reliable database search. So, more confidently, use search and make sure to always find the right candidate. 

Finally, stay up to date with everything happening in your TalentLyft account and get notified of more actions than ever before! You can easily track your candidate's progress in the hiring process and collaborate with your colleagues on each hiring!

We are proud to say that the future of hiring is officially here! By building our new features and automating the process, we are getting one step closer to completely optimizing your hiring while offering candidates an improved experience. Yet, this is only the beginning of the change as we expect to move further with our progress in days to come. 

Want to see everything our tool has to offer?
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