Global Leadership HR Trends Summit Montenegro - Quick Review

Ivan Cubela | HR Trends | HR Tech Trends | May 18, 2017

After a long drive towards the Global Leadership HR Trends Summit Montenegro, my colleague Ivan (yes, there are 2 of us at Adopto 😊 ) and I finally arrived and entered the great Hotel Splendid. Beautiful view and amazing hosts were already waiting for us. We met them at the lobby and just hit it off. Irena and Sanja, our amazing hosts, introduced us to the chairman of the event, Ravi Singh and we already knew it was going to be a great ride for the next 2 days.


TalemtLyft Corner on 2017 Global leadership HR trends summit

I was asked to speak at the 2017 Global Leadership HR Trends Summit Montenegro at the last moment because one of the speakers couldn’t make. This was a totally new experience for me. Looking at companies and great people around me, left me with the impression it will be really interesting to step up 😊.

Day one

Ravi did a great job running the show. Really owned it from the beginning and simply brought in some spirit with his performance. 

Day one speakers were: 

We heard about life at Facebook (great insight from Facebook – we do not hire a$$holes made everybody laugh and it was repeated through the whole event), how Vodafone localized the brand, how to make a talent acquisition and retention strategy and about women in leadership. Anne gave some great personal insights about a fear of public speaking and Brad Pitt sitting in the first row didn't really help 😊 Day one finished with Ravi’s workshop How To Attract And Retain The Best.

2017 Global Leadership HR Trends Summit Montenegro

Day two

Ravi was great again, brought in the needed energy and the speakers were:

We learned a new word, googliness, and its meaning. We learnt how Google uses 4 interviews when they bring in new people (they also do not hire a$$holes 😃), we saw some really nice examples of how really different cultures are and how women are seen differently from man in the same situations (Pantene commercial was a great example). I presented TalentLyft (former Adopto), to show that there is a way to do some things faster than they used to 😊 Ravi did another workshop about Leadership Development to finish the day two.

We met the main sponsor WEON. Vedran was great to talk to and change experience. But special shout out to my main man Ivan for doing a great job of being a support and a great colleague. We had a great time, learned a lot and will be at the next event again!

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