Best of HR Blogs: July 2018

Anja Zojceska | HR Trends | Best HR Blogs | August 07, 2018

This list of 5 best HR blogs published in July 2018 will get you up to date with the latest trends and insights in Human Resources. If you’re an HR professional looking for a stimulating read, these blog posts are your perfect choice.


Best of HR blogs in July 2018

We really love finding interesting, educational and entertaining content about Human Resources.

In July 2018 we scoured the web and read many great blogs that cover the latest HR trends, insights and useful information for HR professionals.

Here is our selection of the top 5 HR blog posts published in July 2018.

In these blog posts you will learn:

So if you’re the lucky one chilling somewhere by the sea, grab your mojito and relax with a cool read. 🍹 😎 🌊

If you’re sitting in your office, then go get some iced coffee and take a little break to read the selection of the best HR blogs you missed because you’ve been working so hard. Oh, and we featured one blog post in this list especially for you - you’ll know which one! 😉 ☕ 📚  

Either way, enjoy your reading! 🙂


Best HR blog post about employee experience:
The Cycle of Employee Experience and How You Can Improve It [INFOGRAPHIC]

Source: Manila Recruitment 

Why you should read it:

The cycle of employee experience identifies the different stages that someone goes through in a company and the role that HR plays in improving their progress in the process.

Each stage brings challenges to both the company and employees, but the fact remains that it is vital for HR to improve it to offer a relevant experience to every employee or candidate.

Yeah, but...how to do it?🤔

Check out this beautiful infographic that features great, actionable tips for improving your employee experience! 😍

Our favorite quote:

Companies need to plan and understand the employee journey. Employees, meanwhile, should provide feedback depending on their stage in the cycle. Listen to these comments and suggestions and use these to gain insights on how you can improve your life cycle program. This will also help you engage with your employees and retain them for years. 


Best HR blog post on Employer Branding:
Tips on Becoming a "Best Place to Work"

Source: Bonusly 

Why you should read it:

Being acknowledged as the Best Place to Work is an esteemed distinction for any company, and getting there is more straightforward than you’d think. Not convinced? 😕 Then this blog post is for you! 

Read it to discover first-hand advice from the company that has been named the Best Place to Work multiple times. 🏆

Our favorite quote:

Put simply, emphasizing people over profits leads to success, and that goes for your employees as well as your customers.


Best HR blog post about HR meetings:
How to Have an Honest, Effective One-on-one Meeting with an Employee

Source: Know Your Company 

Why you should read it:

Do your managers and employees love their one-on-ones? Or do they think these meetings are useless? If they doubt their effectiveness, they might be doing something wrong. 😕 

Share with them this blog post to help them make the most out of their one-on-ones!

And to forget to read it yourself - to learn 6 effective ways to get employees talking about what they really feel (the questions to ask employees for feedback included!). 🧐

Our favorite quote:

Every time I have a one-on-one, I have a single mission: to understand how the other person is feeling. A one-on-one is invaluable, sacred time to uncover the truth of how an employee is actually feeling.


Best HR blog post about remote work:
Why HR Needs To Develop A Carefully Crafted Remote Work Policy

Source: Annual Leave 

Why you should read it:

The idea of working away from the office has gathered considerable steam in recent decades, but many companies still view it suspiciously.  

However, remote work is here to stay:

These statistics suggest a growth in remote working is likely, so developing a dedicated policy is becoming essential.

Read this article to prepare on time and craft a remote work policy that will maximize the benefits of ‘out-of-the-office’ working! 💪

Our favorite quote:

The good news is that productivity has been shown to improve through remote working, with 77% of employees that worked remotely at least a few times reporting greater productivity.


Best HR blog post about productivity:
Why Recharging is Vital for Workplace Productivity

Source: JotForm

Why you should read it:

Because you're probably overworked, stressed out HR professional or a recruiter. Even you’re enjoying your holiday right now and the work stress seems miles away (lucky you!), soon you will be back in the office - wishing you have read this blog post. 😉

Don’t let the act of “recharging” be an afterthought - read this blog post now. ⏳

You’ll thank us later! 🤗

Our favorite quote:

I don’t know about you, but I always feel the need to be “on.” With work to do and experiences to be had, taking a step back and actively recharging has always been somewhat of a struggle for me.

Best of the best HR blogs in July 2018

Which one among these 5 blog posts did you find most useful and interesting?

What other great HR blog posts published in July have you read? 🤓

Best of the best HR blogs in August 2018

If you come across a great HR blog post during August (or you’ve written one - don’t be shy 😊) - let us know!

We’d love to check it out and maybe even feature it our next month’s “Best of the HR blogs in August 2018” blog post! 🙂

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