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Track every interview, scorecard, status change or update for each candidate

Applicant Tracking System Solutions

TalentLyft Track is a complete applicant tracking system used by many companies who are looking to streamline, simplify, automate and fasten their hiring workflows. Tracking and managing applicants through the hiring stages may be messy and complicated… especially when using paper or spreadsheets. Applicant tracking systems are solutions for a more streamlined, automated and effective hiring process. Rich candidate profiles, interview scheduling, hiring workflows and team collaboration are al managed from a single platform.

Access Candidates' Profiles from a Single Database
Streamline and Simplify Hiring Workflow
Collaborate Easily With Your Hiring Team

Easy to use recruitment marketing and Applicant Tracking System tool to help you find, attract and hire best candidates.

Key features

Candidate Search

From an existing candidate pool, easily find high-quality applicants from previous job openings.

Interview Kits & Scorecards

Use existing or create your own interview kits and scorecards to best evaluate candidates.

Team Collaboration

Easily share info about candidates with team members who need them. You define who has an access to what info.

Streamlined Hiring Workflow

Access, track and manage candidates’ progress directly from the software to make your hiring more streamlined.

One database

All of your applicants and their rich profiles will be in one searchable database.

Automated Email responses

Save time and use existing or create your own email recruiting templates.

Application form screening

Automatically screen application forms and eliminate candidates who are not qualified.

API Integration

Integrate with variety of platforms such as Gmail, Slack, Google Analytics, your HRIS and candidate testing platforms.

Interview Scheduling

Send automated emails with interview appointment that automatically sink with your work calendar.

Why customers love TalentLyft

In Their Own Words

With TalentLyft, we managed to save at least one hour a day on our hiring process. For me, as a General Manager, this is extremely valuable.

Ognjen Bagatin
Ognjen Bagatin General Manager, Policlinic Bagatin

Besides the exceptional support at all times, I love how easy it is to customize our career site based on our needs and our brand identity.

Ana Mihelić
Ana Mihelic Office Manager, Coadria
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