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You get unlimited number of team members and candidates attracted, 10 job openings for 3 months free! This is a $450 value, for free!

3 months free

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$450 free

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What's TalentLyft?

TalentLyft is a complete talent acquisition platform that helps fast growing companies to simplify and speed up hiring process. If you are hiring for the first time in your business life, TalentLyft will give you structure needed to do it right. Rimac Automobili, one of the fastest growing companies keeps growing with TalentLyft. Therefore, we understand the need and the struggle young teams have today. That’s why we decided to reach out and help you find, attract, communicate and hire the best talent! For free!

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Create your fully branded career web site!

You first chance to give potential candidates true emotion about how it is really to work for you, made simple, in only few clicks.

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Create a job post and publish it with few clicks!

Simply create a job opening and control the look of the job post and application form before you publish it, easier than ever!

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TalentLyft Hire Extension

Search the social networks for your perfect candidate and once you find them, simply pull their info into your TalentLyft account!

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Selection process

Go through CVs very fast, communicate with candidates using personalized bulk e-mails, move them through stages and get the one you are looking for!

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