Best of HR Blogs: July 2019

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This list of 5 best HR blogs published in July 2019 will get you up to date with the latest trends and insights in Human Resources. If you’re an HR professional looking for a stimulating read, these blog posts are your perfect choice.


The latest HR trends and insights in July 2019

We really love finding interesting, educational and entertaining content about Human Resources

In July 2019 we scoured the web and read many great blogs that cover the latest HR and recruitment trendsinsights and useful information for HR professionals. 

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Best of HR blogs in July 2019

Here is our selection of the top 5 HR blog posts published in July 2019. 

In these blog posts you will discover:

So make yourself a cup of iced coffee or lemonade, sit down, relax and enjoy your reading! ☕ 📚 🤓


Best HR blog post about performance management: 
Traditional vs. agile Performance Management: Which is Better?

Source: Synergita

Why you should read it:

Both traditional and agile performance management works towards assessing the performance of an employee. But what is the difference between them? 🤔

If you’re still not quite sure, this blog post is for you. It contains a simply written, but very informative definitions of traditional and agile concepts of performance management, as well and their comparison. Read on to learn which concept better fits your company! 

Our favorite quote:

“While traditional performance management objectively focuses on employee performance and evaluation the latter chooses to focus on the development of the employee and the organization as well.”


Best HR blog post about retention: 
Why Employees Don’t Want to Work and Leave the Company

Source: TimeCamp

Why you should read it:

Employee turnover is a big and still growing problem. ⅓ of employees planning to quit their job in the next 12 months! 😲

(For more employee turnover statistics, check out our blog post: 7 Interesting Facts About Employee Turnover).

Read TimeCamp’s blog to discover:

Our favorite quote:

“Once you recognize the reasons behind the high employee turnover rate in your organization, you’ll be able to address and solve the problem.”


Best HR blog post about engagement: 
How Frequently Should We Pulse on Employee Engagement?

Source: Glint

Why you should read it:

To learn the latest best practices and tips for running high-impact employee engagement programs. 

Most organizations understand the value of gathering employee feedback. But surveying employees once a year - or even less frequently - can undermine attempts to measure and improve employee engagement.

What can you do instead? And why is frequent pulsing right for today’s employees? Read this blog post to find out! 🙂

Our favorite quote:

“What matters is for companies to solicit feedback and act on it. Acting on feedback means that instead of hoarding the results at the top of the organization, results are accessible to managers to discuss the feedback with their teams, and to collaborate on how to take action based on the input.” 


Best HR blog post about building a healthy company culture: 
Three Ways to Break Things (Mindfully)

Source: Clear Review

Why you should read it:

We absolutely love this short article with unusual title! ❤️ Read it to discover a simple way to upgrade your company culture and cre­ate an envi­ron­ment where peo­ple feel con­nect­ed, involved and invest­ed. 

A simple question such as “What can we do to make things work better around here?” can do a wonder for your company. When you’re open about your desire to fix things, peo­ple will respond to your good intentions.

Our favorite quote:

“Employ­ees will dis­cuss things that don’t work. If something’s bro­ken and every­one hates it, it’ll be a reg­u­lar top­ic of con­ver­sa­tion in the pub or at the cof­fee machine. So don’t be the last to know: get a chan­nel open and ask peo­ple to share.“


Best HR blog post about HR metrics: 
21 HR Metrics and How to Leverage Them

Source: Fundera

Why you should read it:

You should read this blog post to learn how 10 of the world’s top companies are leveraging HR metrics. If you are (or would like to start) emphasizing people analytics as a major part of your company culture like many top employers are now doing, this blog post is for you! 

It contains formulas for calculating different HR metrics, as well as a cool infographic! 😍

Our favorite quote:

“Since HR decisions directly impact your employees and thus your company as a whole, leveraging data is a powerful way to make informed decisions about when to keep current practices in place and when to pivot.”

Best of the best HR blogs in July 2019

Which one among these 5 blog posts did you find most useful and interesting

What other great HR blog posts published in July have you read? 🤓 

Best of the best HR blogs in August 2019

If you come across a great HR blog post during August (or you’ve written one - don’t be shy 😊) - let us know! Feel free to contact us via email: [email protected]

We’d love to check your HR article out and maybe even feature it our next month’s “Best of the HR blogs in August 2019” blog post! 🙂

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