TalentLyft GDPR Roadmap

The EU General Data Protection Regulation(GDPR) comes into effect on May 25th 2018. As we approach this date, the general public is getting more familiar with their rights and how they will be able to exercise them. On the other hand, companies are facing the fact they will have to work harder and smarter in the future to stay fully compliant with all the requirements of the GDPR.

At TalentLyft, we are fully aware of this challenge and have started our preparations to ensure our platform can offer you all the tools needed to stay GDPR compliant and make your life easier.


What exactly are we doing?

GDPR is likely to affect you and your business, so our advice is to prepare for it as soon as possible. The way you store and process data, communicate with candidates and get their consent will change, and that's a good thing. Sure, it may be a little extra work, but in the end your hiring process will be more robust and secure. We're determined to offer you tools to stay compliant with minimum effort.

New features and tooling

We've devised our GDPR compliance package as an opt-in feature. Once you turn it on you'll be able to set the data retention period and define your privacy policy to get started. That's about it, as everything else is handled automatically by TalentLyft.
When applying to your job openings, candidates will be presented with your privacy policy and consent prompt.

Data access, erasure and portability

To fulfill data subject's right to access, modify and delete data being processed, every candidate applying to an opening will receive an confirmation email with quick links allowing them to request their data to be updated or deleted. Candidates will also have the ability to export the data or request restriction of further data processing.


TalentLyft already tracks your team's actions and allows you to review those actions as a part of the application itself. We will additionally categorize personal data and update access tracking mechanisms to enable more detailed reports.

Data Processing Agreements

As a part of our compliance process, we're signing Data Processing Agreements(DPA) with Microsoft as our cloud infrastructure provider, and Intercom as our support platform.
We will also be offering our customer to sign DPA with TalentLyft, per request.

The GDPR compliance package will soon be rolling out, together with detailed instructions on how to use it to your advantage, so stay tuned for more!

In the meantime, try our services for free (for 14 days, no credit card required to sign up, cancel anytime)! Once you are in the free trial, you can let our team know about your needs in the live chat. During the free trial, we will help you ace your job postings! 💪

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TalentLyft GDPR Upgrade

TalentLyft GDPR Upgrade

This webinar is the presentation of the TalentLyfts's GDPR compliancy features and education on how to use them.
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